3 Reasons To Have Vending Machines In Your Office


Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to improve employee morale and performance? Here’s how adding vending machines to your office kitchen can do just that.

3 Reasons To Consider Vending Machines For Your Office

Workers Can Eat Healthier and Take Shorter Lunches

Many workers do not bring lunch to work with them. If your employees go out for lunch, they may have to eat unhealthy fast food to get back to work on time. Going to a restaurant will sometimes cause your employees to be late when returning to work. If you provide vending machines, you can offer quick access to healthy lunches and snacks through a Pittsburgh area commissary.

Employees Are Happier and More Productive

No one is at their best when they are sleepy. If workers forget to bring their morning coffee, they may find it harder to focus, or they may even get headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Office vending machines can provide coffee and/or soda (or “pop” as it is called in Pittsburgh).

Employees who can take short breaks every few hours are more efficient. They can “recharge” by getting away from their desk for a few minutes and having a light snack. Supplying caffeine and snacks is an easy way to keep your employees active and on-task.

Vending Machines Can Even Strengthen Unity

When employees can get food and drinks from their breakroom, they are more likely to eat together. They will get to know each other better and work together to solve problems. This can reduce interpersonal conflict in the workplace and make employees more comfortable asking each other for help.

Investing in vending machines for your workplace can also improve your employees’ rapport with management. One common complaint in many companies is that employees do not feel that management appreciates them. Even the smallest kindness can combat this. Consider giving each employee a certain number of snacks and drinks at no charge.