Enter the World of Herbal Tea


Tea may be the most popular drink on Earth, in close competition only with coffee. Individuals in some cultures consume countless cups of tea per day. Unlike real teas, herbal teas are beverages where herbs and/or other ingredients are infused in water in the manner of tea. Most people who regularly drink herbal tea do so as a tea substitute, or for specific health reasons.

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How Herbal Teas Can Keep Us Healthy

Also called tisanes, herbal teas can consist primarily of one or a mixture of several herbs, sometimes including the actual tea plant. While numerous obscure tisanes exist, others are so well-known that they’re not commonly thought of any differently than true tea. Everybody knows the calming sensation from a cup of chamomile tea, although chamomile isn’t a tea, but is rather related to daisies. As for other herbal remedies, a brew of ginger or echinacea can ease a cold, while fennel tea soothes the stomach, and hibiscus teas are said to aid in lowering blood pressure. Whatever your health troubles, there’s likely an herbal tea that can help.

Teas for All Tastes

When looking to buy herbal tea online or in a store for the first time, the sheer array of options can be overwhelming. Some varieties are pretty straightforward, such as tangy lemon, bold peppermint, sweet peach or sharp berry blends. Chamomile tea is popular for its mild sweetness, while hibiscus and rosehip tea tends to be bitter or sour. Blends with lots of ginger and cinnamon can be downright spicy, and that goes extra for chili teas and other more niche products. If you’re ready to experiment, exploring exotic flavors will eventually lead you to the perfect tea.

The benefits of herbal tea should not be underestimated. Try some different tisanes for yourself and see why so many people are herbal tea enthusiasts.