High-Protein Diet: This Quick And Easy Chicken Salad Is Sure To Make You Drool

Salads have had a long-standing reputation of being boring and bland. Thanks to all the boring green veggies like cabbage, broccoli and cucumbers, salads are often ignored and pushed to the corner. But thanks to many exciting experiments, salads are gradually gaining momentum with the addition of many interesting ingredients that are not only healthy but also delicious! Think of a vibrant salad full of refreshing herbs, zesty dressings, nutrient-rich fruits and protein-rich meats thrown in. It makes for a gorgeous treat that even the picky eaters amongst us have started to embrace salads.
High-Protein Diet: This Quick And Easy Chicken Salad Is Sure To Make You Drool

Chicken salads have become quite a sensation lately, simply because chicken is a lean meat brimming with protein and in comparison with red meat, contains very little fat. Protein helps fill us up for longer duration. If you are full, you would binge less, and eat in moderation, which would lead to weight loss. And what better than a wholesome, healthy and absolutely delicious chicken salad to load up on?



“Chicken salads can work wonders for those on a diet. A protein diet is important for those who work out in order to replenish the lost energy and build muscle tone.” says Delhi-based weight management expert, Gargi Sharma. Preparing a chicken salad isn’t much different from any other regular salad. Here we have a quick 3-step chicken salad recipe which you can prepare with leftover chicken and is full of nutritious greens like cabbage and lettuce along with flavourful sauces and cream!

Chicken Salad Recipe

For this recipe, you can use leftover cooked boneless chicken as well. All you need is to toss it with some mayonnaise sauce, cream, cabbage, ketchup and some chilli sauce, plate it over lettuce leaves, top it with spring onions and dig in! You can also give a tangy twist to it by topping it with some lemon!