Best 3 Foods To Have Delivered Home


When there is no one feels like cooking dinner, when it’s at home game night, or when someone needs to satisfy a craving, having food delivered home tops the list of remedies. Although food preferences differ between men and women, there are three that stand out as the best.

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Fried Chicken

Chicken, in particular, fried chicken is one of the best foods to have delivered. Two fried-chicken restaurants made TimeOut New York’s top 12 list of delivery options in the city. The crunchy breading needs specialized packaging to keep it crisp without drying out the chicken, but otherwise, it is one of the best delivery foods. Many places now allow home liquor order delivery Chicago IL. How about some dry champaign with that fried chicken?

Poke Bowles

Ordering sea fish to go is frowned upon by many, but poke bowls are the exception. A mixture of diced raw fish, fresh veggies, rice, and aromatic sauces, poke bowl ingredients are layered and served cold. As long as they are in an insulated bag on the delivery, poke bowls are another top food. A dark beer sounds good with that.

Noodle Dishes

Noodles of all kinds are popular home delivery foods. This is despite the many sordid packaging dilemmas involving container size, packing ingredients separately. Noodles shoved into a container that is too small, and sauces making soggy noodles are just some of the potential issues. Even noodles and broth should be package separate for delivery to make sure it tastes its best. Maybe a Riesling with the Thai noodles?

Whether it has been a long hard day or that craving for fried chicken refuses to go away, having food delivered home is comforting. Not all foods survive the delivery process, and the packaging has a big impact on the final product.