3 Great New Products at Your Favorite Chicago Medicinal Dispensary


Wondering what to try on your next visit to your local Chicago dispensary? Whether you’re a new or experienced user, there are plenty of new products that deserve a closer look. Here are three of the best new products that you should pick up on your next dispensary run.

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1. Nature’s Grace and Wellness Savory Pretzel Nugs

Nature’s Grace is a family-run medical cannabis operation based in West Central Illinois. Owned by a family of 5thgeneration farmers, they take pride in using agricultural expertise to produce quality cannabis-infused products for medicinal cannabis users. Savory Pretzel Nugs come in a package of sixteen pieces, allowing the user to easily adjust the dosage. The entire package contains 50mg THC, and you can find it at trusted Chicago medical marijuana dispensaries.

2. PTS Mandarin Orange Tonic

Progressive Treatment Solutions (PTS) is a women-owned medicinal cannabis company based in Illinois. PTS’ product line includes a variety of liquid and powdered tonic options as well as tasty edibles. PTS Mandarin Orange Tonic is infused with a hybrid strain and has 97.2% THC. It’s a delicious, and very novel, way to enjoy cannabis quickly and easily. The strong mandarin flavor masks any cannabis tastes, making this great for new and experienced users alike.

3. Mindy’s Key Lime Kiwi Gummies

Mindy’s line of edibles is created by award-winning Chicago chef Mindy Segal. Mindy’s products reflect the fact that they are a chef-led company— each recipe has been specially crafted to bring out the best aspects of the cannabis plant. Mindy’s Cool Key Lime Kiwi Gummies are infused with a hybrid strain meant to maximize relaxation without compromising functionality. Each gummy contains 5 milligrams THC, ideal for adjusting the dosage for daytime or nighttime use.

New and experienced users alike will find benefit from the soothing properties of nature’s medicine. Give each of these products a shot, and you’ll be sure to find your newest favorite.