How To Brew a Perfect Espresso


A good espresso requires three basic ingredients: beans, water, and pressure. Despite these basic ingredients, it can be difficult to pull a perfect shot of espresso. Here are a few tips on how to get a great cup of espresso.

Aussie barista helps scientists to brew the perfect espresso

Choose Your Beans

Not all coffee beans are equal. Espresso beans need to be of high quality and roasted to perfection. When your beans were roasted also affects the quality of the espresso. Recently roasted beans contain more chlorogenic acids and melanoidins, which have beneficial health effects. If possible, you should find a roaster near you to ensure you are using the freshest beans possible for your espresso. If you don’t know a roaster, a quick search for coffee roaster in Ann Arbor MI will help you get started.

Dial-In Your Grind

More than any other preparation method, espresso relies on the right grind to yield the best tasting results. Many roasters will include the recipe for the ideal flavor profile with each bag of coffee. This is usually written as an amount of ground coffee in the portafilter followed by the time for extraction and the weight of the final espresso product. Adjusting the grind of your espresso beans will help you achieve the optimal flavor profile.

Steam Away

Some espresso lovers would never add steamed milk to their cups. However, the addition of milk can bring out new flavors within the brew. The addition of frothy milk also enhances the texture of the final drink. To achieve the best quality foam, it is easiest to start with whole milk. The fats allow for better texture and stabilize the air bubbles within the milk. Once you have mastered steaming with whole milk, you can reduce the milk fat or try an alternative milk.

Enjoying a good espresso is the perfect start to any day. With attention to a few details, you can master the art of pulling your perfect espresso shot.