How To Make Cheese Burst Pizza Without Yeast At Home

Slurp Alert: How To Make Cheese Burst Pizza Without Yeast At Home

  • There is no dearth of pizza fans around the world
  • Some like their pizza healthy and some with oodles of cheese
  • Pizza bursting with liquid cheese is a dream come true for cheese lovers

The nationwide lockdown unleashed many hidden talents in all of us, some found their penchant for fitness, some picked up a musical instrument. The lockdown also gave birth to many skilled home chefs, and a lot of us even tried our hands at some of our favourite restaurant dishes. Imitating restaurant-style charm at home seems like a difficult feat, but no one said it is impossible. Take, for instance, pizza. We know all the ingredients are around us – all we need to do is put it together – so what are we waiting for? Trust us, making those loaded cheese pizzas is easier than you think!

When it comes to pizza, no amount of cheese is enough. We want cheese bursting from inside; we need melted cheese on top, intermixed with tangy pizza sauce and toppings. If you are on the same page with us, you would definitely love this recipe of restaurant-style cheese burst pizza. Made from scratch, the specialty of this pizza is that it uses no yeast, which can often become quite a task to find in local markets.




How To Make Cheese Burst Pizza Without Yeast At Home:

For this cheese burst pizza, you need to knead a dough – it is advisable to take self-raising flour, if you can’t find it, you can use simple maida or all-purpose flour as well. Make sure you rest it for two hours.

Roll it round (or don’t, it is your pizza, have it in any shape you like, we don’t judge!). Once you are done rolling, apply a generous amount of cheese spread – make sure you are not stingy with cheese, after all you want our pizza oozing with cheese, right?

For this pizza, you would need two separate base, which you are meant to seal together, with cheese spread in between. The base that rests on top is you’re your playground. Add as much of cheese, herbs and veggies of your choice. For this particular pizza, we have chosen the toppings of onion, capsicum, corn and tomato. If you fancy chicken, you can throw in some juicy chicken chunks in there too.