5 Quick And Easy Brunch Ideas You Must Try When You Can’t Hold Your Hunger Till Lunch Time

5 Quick And Easy Brunch Ideas You Must Try When You Can't Hold Your Hunger Till Lunch Time

These brunch recipes are easy to make.

  • We often feel hunger pangs hitting us between breakfast and lunch.
  • Mid mornings are usually busy for most of us.
  • Here are some brunch recipe ideas that you can make quickly.

When we start our day early, we barely manage till lunch time when hunger strikes again. A heavy breakfast can help keep us sated for long, but it’s not always possible to wait that long for our next meal. Since we are usually busy during this time of the day, we can’t afford to spend more time in the kitchen than we already do; or maybe, we can spare just a few minutes to fix a quick brunch that is light yet satiating. Doable, right? So, here are some easy brunch ideas that you can use on those busy days when you can’t hold your hunger till lunch time.

5 Quick And Easy Brunch Ideas

1. Fruit Pancake

Pancake is essentially a breakfast meal but who says you can’t have it later in the day? Pancake made with fruits like banana or apple makes it perfect for mid-mornings, which is the ideal time to consume fruits. Pancakes can be made in minutes and turn out to be delicious and light at the same time.

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Make pancakes with fruits for a delicious brunch treat. 


2. Bruschetta

This is one the simplest small meals you can make for yourself and your family. Just smear bruschetta bread with butter, tomato paste, hummus or a sandwich spread and top them with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves. You can even use your regular bread, if you don’t have bruschetta bread and it will taste just as good.

3. Egg And Cheese Toast

Just crack the egg and pour in a pan to cook it. Place a cheese slice and bread over it. Sprinkle some spices and this tasty and instant toast is ready to be devoured. You can pair it with tomato ketchup or some mayonnaise.

4. Besan Chila

Chila made with besan batter and flavoured with some jeera powder, salt and chilli is as easy as it can get. Prepare the batter in two minutes and your chila will be done in another two minutes. Go for besan chila when you want something yummy in a jiffy.