Bucket List 2020: This Cheese-Themed Hotel In London Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

Bucket List 2020: This Cheese-Themed Hotel In London Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

This cheese suite is perfect to be on your bucket list for the year 2020!

  • Cheese is one indulgence every food-lover would swear by
  • A Cafe in London has come up with an entire suite made up of cheese
  • The suite is complete with cheese-decor and even cheese soap!

If cheese is the one dairy product you can’t get enough of, if every food item gets better for you if it has just a little bit of cheese, if cheese is the glue that holds your life together – this is just the news you would have wanted to hear. Cafe Rouge, which is a French chain of restaurants, has just made history in its own little way. The owners have created an entire suite in the locality of Camden in London which has cheese-themed decor, cheese board games and giant cheese installations. Even the bathroom has a special form of cheese soap!


You better brie-lieve it! Read all about our Cheese Hotel here… 🧀 https://twitter.com/TimeOutLondon/status/1214539456532881408 

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Oh my gouda! There’s a cheese-themed hotel coming to London 🧀 http://bit.ly/2N4cy8X 


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The official website of Cafe Rouge invites people to “Brie Our Guest!” and claims that “Nothing gets Cheddar than this!” The room has been set up to celebrate Cafe Rouge’s new menu based entirely on cheese. There would be options of in-room dining which also includes a mini-bar with cheese crackers paired with the choicest of wine. For other food items laden with cheesy goodness, a cheese-hotline delivery service will be at the guests’ service for whatever they wish to order. Further, a gift card of 50 euros for a meal for 2 at Cafe Rouge will be provided to the residents of the Cheese suite. The Cafe Rouge menu is extensive with options ranging from baguettes to burgers to starters to croques!