Jamun Seeds For Diabetics: Know How The Seeds Of This Purple Fruit Can Help With Diabetes Management

Jamun Seeds For Diabetics: Know How The Seeds Of This Purple Fruit Can Help With Diabetes Management

Jamuns benefits: Jamuns are low-calorie fruits that can help you weight loss and diabetes management

Jamun is one fruit which is known for keeping diabetes under control. And jamun seeds are no less when it comes to their health benefits and diabetes management. Jamun fruit comes from Myrtaceae, an evergreen tropical tree that is native to India, Indonesia and Bangladesh. Jamun seeds contain jambosine and jamboline, the two susbtances that slow down the release of sugar in the blood. What’s more is that jamun seeds help in increasing insulin production, which can be helpful for people with diabetes.

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Jamun: Nutrient profile of this purple fruit

Jamuns or Indian blueberries are considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic supplements. The fruit has an amazing nutrient profile.

1. Jamuns are low in calories and are an excellent source of phytochemicals and Vitamin C.

2. The fruit is a diuretic, which has been recommended by Ayurveda for treatment of conditions like heart disease, asthma, arthritis, flatulence and dysentery.

3. Diuretic effects of jamun helps in flushing out toxins from kidneys.

4. The fruit is also a rich source of fibre, help in improving digestion. Jamun can be consumed for preventing nausea and vomiting as well.


Jamuns have an excellent nutrient profile
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How jamun seeds are beneficial for people with diabetes

  • Jamboline and jambosine in jamun seeds are potent in nature and have medicinal properties that can facilitate quicker healing. These phytochemicals help in slowing down release of sugar and giving a boost to insulin production – the two functions that are important for keeping diabetes under control.
  • Jamun seeds contain alkaloids, which convert starch into energy and helps in reducing diabetes symptoms like constantly feeling thirsty and frequent urination.
  • Jamun seeds, in powdered form can help in reducing blood sugar levels.
  • Moving over to jamun seeds, they are rich in fibre which can give a boost to digestive system. A healthy digestive system can help in giving a boost to immunity and reduce risks and side effects associated with diabetes.
  • Men suffering from diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. Regular intake of jamun seeds can help in giving a boost to your libido naturally.