Enjoy Wedding Season Without Worrying About Weight Gain With These 6 Tips From Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal

Enjoy Wedding Season Without Worrying About Weight Gain With These 6 Tips From Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal

Weight loss: Try to manage 15 minutes of exercise to burn some calories during wedding season

Weight loss tips: The wedding season is in its full bloom and we do tend to out, almost every day. From sleepless nights to binge drinking, there is room for lots of indulgence and even negligence (of health) when someone close to you is getting married. But, with the help of a few tips and tricks, you can prevent unnecessary weight gain, indigestion, acidity, bloating and other health issues because of constantly eating out, binge drinking and being unable to get proper sleep. Talking about these tricks is nutritionist Nmami Agarwal on Instagram. Keep reading to know what she has to say.

Tips and tricks to prevent weight gain and health issues during the wedding season

All it requires is some mindfulness, keeping a check on your water intake, practicing portion control, etc. Follow these tips to stay healthy this wedding season:

1. Ditch added sugar

Refined white sugar is nothing but empty calories. They are a major cause of weight gain during the wedding season. Stay away from sugary drinks, aerated drinks, fruit juices and energy drinks. Also, stay away from candies, cookies and baked food items usually contain lots of sugar, tend to be very low in nutritional value and lots of calories, mentions Nmami in the video.


Stay away from sugary food items during the wedding season
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2. Make room for healthy fats

During the wedding season, make sure that you include fats in your diet. Including healthy fats can help you to stay on track in terms of maintaining weight, keeps you full for longer and reduces your cravings for junk food. All these three are essential prerequisites for maintaining weight and health during the wedding season.

3. Your hydration should be on point

Wherever possible, grab a bottle of water and gulp it down. Attending a close friend’s or relative’s wedding may keep you very busy, but drinking sufficient water is something that you can take care of without much time and effort. Drinking sufficient water is important to prevent health problems, maintain your weight, for a glowing skin, prevent water retention and bloating, suggests Nmami.

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4. Avoid fad diets

Now this is another very common scenario that would-be brides, may be grooms and brides’ best friends follow just because the wedding season is approaching. Following crash diets or low-carb diets for quick weight loss may offer temporary weight loss benefits, but the weight is quickly gained back once you resume regular eating habits. What’s more is that these fad diets can make room for cravings, fatigue, mood swings and irritability and these side effects are the last thing you want when you attending a loved one’s wedding. If you want to lose weight for a wedding, the practical thing to do is plan well in advance.

Otherwise, the wedding season should not be looked at as the only opportunity to look your best. You should aim towards that goal throughout the year and work towards it more sustainably. In case you have overeaten at a wedding, make the effort of getting back to your regular routine of eating and exercising at the earliest, rather than again opting for fad diets to quickly lose the weight you gained.