In Season Recipes: 2 Low-Calorie Ways Of Eating Radishes (Mooli)

In Season Recipes: 2 Low-Calorie Ways Of Eating Radishes (Mooli)

Radishes are one of the best low-calorie winter vegetables out there

  • Radishes have started making appearance at vendor carts
  • Radishes are incredibly low in calories and rich in potassium
  • Radishes can be eaten in a whole range of delicious ways

Winter are just beginning and all the lovely vegetables that the season brings with it, have also started making their appearance at our local veggie vendor carts. From beetroots to carrots to spinach and radishes, winter is known for its particularly vibrant range of vegetables that are a must-have when they are in season. Needless to say, the seasonal vegetables also bring with them an opportunity to cook many new dishes that we have been waiting to dig into, for a good part of the year. Radish or mooli is one such vegetable that is one of the earliest ones to arrive and that stays put for perhaps the longest. Radishes are available in many vareigated colours, but the white ones are the most popular in the Indian subcontinent.

Radish Nutrition And Benefits

The sharp aroma and taste of the radish is what sets it apart. There are enough reasons to love this winter veggie. For one, they are incredibly low in calories with just approximately 16 calories per 100 gram portion. They are also very rich in potassium, which makes them healthy for the heart and beneficial for regulating blood pressure and preventing hyper tension. But they can be of particular use to you if you are looking for healthy foods to add to your low-calorie diet this winter.