#MondayMotivation: Do Surya Namaskar Daily For Hormonal Balance And Healthy Levels Of Vitamin D

#MondayMotivation: Do Surya Namaskar Daily For Hormonal Balance And Healthy Levels Of Vitamin D

Do surya namaskar daily for a strong back


  1. Surya namaskar can help you have a young and radiant skin
  2. It can help you lose weight and tone your body
  3. The yoga pose can act as a great stress reliever

Surya namaskar is considered to be one of the most important yoga asanas. It can aid weight loss. Surya namaskar or sun salutations are known to awaken the body’s intelligence to create energy directly from the sun. According to celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, everyone must practice surya namaskar daily. She took to Facebook and Instagram to share the many benefits of surya namaskar, why you must do it daily, and how it is an exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere, without the need of any gym equipment.

Surya namaskar: here’s how you can include it in your daily routine

1. According to Rujuta, the first basic practicing surya namaskar includes choosing a fixed place at home. This place should preferably be a well-ventilated one.

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2. Fix a time to be able to do it daily. “Sunrise or sunset are good times or you can even fix your time as pre-breakfast or post bath, whatever works best,” writes Rujuta in her post.


Sunrise or sunsets are good times to practice surya namaskar
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3. During the initial phase of daily surya namaskar practice, you can breathe normally. Give yourself the time to learn the correct posture.

4. For someone who has never done surya namaskar before, you should begin with doing 2 rounds every alternate day. 1 set of surya namaskar is completed by doing full sequence leading from the right leg and full sequence leading from the left leg.

5. 5 sets of surya namaskar in a day is a good number to achieve. Rujuta says that maintaining regularity is important when it comes to doing surya namaskar. You should try to not to go below 5 sets or beyond 12 sets, she says.

6. On days when you feel too hot or tired, you can skip the sequence leading with the right leg and do only the sequence with the left leg. Rujuta says that doing this can make you feel light.

7. During your periods, women should listen to their body and do what feels right. If you are in good shape, do them. You can probably choose doing fewer sets if you don’t feel fine.

8. In you experience PMS, you should start doing surya namaskar with 3 rounds and end 2 rounds on the left.

9. People with knee pain and arthritis pain must focus on doing surya namaskar with the right technique. There are numerous videos shared on the internet of how to do surya namaskar with the right technique. You can refer to them for some guidance, or you can take training from an experienced yoga practitioner. You can skip postures that increase pain.

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Health benefits of surya namaskar

1. Weight loss: When done regularly with the right technique, surya namaskar can help you give a slim and toned body.

2. Strengthens back: Your back is likely to become weak because of inactivity and poor posture. A strong back is required to keep your spine healthy. Regular practice of surya namaskar can strengthen your back.

3. Helps you have a young and radiant skin: Good skin is a reflection of good health. Regular practice of surya namaskar can give you a brighter and younger looking skin.