Meal For One: Best Khichdi Recipes For When You’re Craving Healthy Comfort Meal

Meal For One: Best Khichdi Recipes For When You're Craving Healthy Comfort Meal

  • Khichdi is the one meal we go to, in sickness and in health
  • Khichdi is healthy, filling and nutritious as well as easy to digest
  • From bajre ki khichi to Ayurvedic khichdi, try innovative recipes

Khichdi is a dish that speaks volumes about the wealth of nutrition that has been passed down through generations of India. The combination of rice and lentils has already been pegged as one that is sustainable as well as healthy. A study published in The Lancet in January 2019 said that consuming lentils with a side of rice for lunch was a way to reduce your dietary carbon footprint. Indians have been consuming dal-rice as a comfort meal since ages and khichdi brings the two foods together in a beautiful way. The dish is easy-to-make and oh-so-satisfying and can be consumed by people of all ages. In fact, khichdi is the one desi meal we go to, in sickness and in health. Don’t we all remember the warm comfort of chowing down on a bowl of hot khichdi while we’re down with flu?

It’s easy on the stomach and is said to give your digestive system a break, particularly when you’re recovering from a bout of food poisoning. However, khichdi is prepared in several different ways with every region of the country putting its own quirk or signature on the dish. As such, there are a number of different ways of preparing this dish and it can be prepared from a variety of different grains – from oats to brown rice and even the beloved sabudana or tapioca pearls and even bulgur or daliya. A lot of people nowadays prefer preparing khichdi from whole grains instead of using white rice, as that helps them load up on more fibre and essential nutrients. Whichever way you choose to prepare it, the comfort and taste of khichdi is unmatched.

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nld98pfKhichdi is a healthy comfort food that is consumed across India

Here are 7 of our best khichdi recipes for you to try:

1. Palak Dal Khichdi Recipe

This dish brings together superfood spinach and lentils in a one-pot recipe that is both flavourful and nutritious. This one is for those times when you don’t feel like cooking something too elaborate for dinner but are craving something light and comforting.

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2. Arhar Dal Khichdi Recipe

Pigeon peas or arhar dal is commonly found in Indian kitchen cabinets and makes for delicious companion for both rice and chapatis. This recipe brings the familiar taste of arhar together with rice and an assortment of beneficial spices.

3. Ayurvedic Khichdi Recipe

A slightly more modern take on the classic moong dal khichdi recipe, this dish brings together an assortment of vegetables that add both taste and nutrition to the mix.