Healthy 2019 Summer Drinks’ Ideas


Hot weather calls for refreshing summer drinks. But many standard concoctions are filled with artificial juices, sugars, and syrups – plus a lot of calories. So, what to do when you want more options but don’t want to stray from the healthy side of things? Luckily, there are several beverages that can successfully spice up your taste palette without packing in an outrageous number of calories. Get ready to tempt

your taste-buds with this list of healthy summer-cool drinks especially for you.

  1. Fruit Juice

Who doesn’t enjoy a tall, cool glass of juice? The colour is vibrant, the taste is sweet, and it’s good for you too. Fruit juices are a great addition to any diet if you want to maintain your health and acquire important vitamins and nutrients. We found the most amazing nutritionist-approved list of mixed fruit juices that are sure to delight you. Try whipping up a cocktail at home using fresh organic fruits from Farmbox!

  1. Iced Tea

Tea is the second most widely enjoyed beverage in the world behind only water. There’s nothing more refreshing than drinking a glass of iced tea during summer. The instant mood lift is not the only gain, there are innumerable other health benefits as well. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a glass a day is all you need to get your daily fix of nutrients. We recommend Gr from Social House. This delightful tangy drink is their signature.

  1. Smoothie

For those prepared to put in a little more effort, we advise you to try your hand at making smoothies. In addition to having the juicy goodness of fruits or veggies, smoothies also include the pulp. They have more fibre, which helps to regulate blood sugar and the best part is that you can try various blends with fruits, vegetables as well other ingredients. Focused on healthy eating, Circle Café is renowned for its power smoothies. Try their Avocado smoothie, it provides an instant boost of energy.

  1. Infused Water

Nowadays fruit and herbs infused water is all the rage. For those who are tired of drinking plain water, the flavourful, no-hassle infused water is a wonderful and refreshing drink option for summer. Besides including major electrolytes and nutrients from fruits, it increases our water intake and speeds up metabolism. We found some extremely easy do-it-yourself recipes for detox water from online health website – Very Well Fit.

  1. Sparkling Fruit Drink

Kick your soda habit with fruity and refreshing sparkling drinks that provide a natural alternative to the not-so-healthy soft drink. Anything with “sparkling” in the title is a solid pick when you’re craving a sip of something thirst-quenching during warmer days.

We recommend Bateel’s gourmet beverages made from apple & dates or apple & pomegranates. Made with the goodness of premium apples and gourmet dates or fresh pomegranates, this would be the perfect refreshment, especially when served chilled.