What to Know When Dealing With an Injury From Work


Dealing with an injury at work is never a pleasant experience. You might be worried about losing money or dealing with going to the doctors in order to be released back to work. Here are a few things to keep in mind when handling an injury from the workplace that leaves you out of commission. 

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Make Sure a Report is Filed

Right away after injury, let your supervisor know that you’re hurt, and see what needs to be done to file a report. This is necessary, especially if the workplace was at fault for the injury. Make sure you have a copy you can keep.

Find Out About Worker’s Compensation

If you’re going to be out of work for any length of time, it’s crucial to find out if you’re entitled to worker’s compensation. Deadlines are important when dealing with worker’s compensation, so find out how soon you’ll need to file for it. Your employer also needs to carry the right type of insurance in order for you to receive it. Worker’s compensation can help you with your lost wages since you’re unable to work while you’re waiting for your injury to heal properly.

Consider Getting Legal Help

Sometimes legal help is necessary in cases where you’re injured and your employer is at fault. Or perhaps you’re getting denied worker’s compensation and you believe you have a case. An injury lawyer portland can help you with the right representation and assist you in determining if you have a case that would hold up in court. In some cases, employers will want to settle out of court to avoid scandal. 

In many cases, you’ll need to be prepared when dealing with a work injury. Although you might have to fight for compensation, it’s worth it, especially if your job was negligent and the reason for your injury.