Finding a Company To Help Safely Ship Your Medical Product


In an increasingly global market, companies are now shipping their products all over the world. This brings up the question of how to make products with packaging durable enough to make it to the end user. Particularly in the medical field, there are also certain hazardous materials needing to be shipped. It’s a highly regulated process, and many companies are turning to outside resources to help them comply with all laws.

Why You Need Outside Help

Certain medical goods, deemed either dangerous or hazardous, can’t simply be shipped the same way as other products. These materials are regulated by the United States government, and the packaging must pass various tests and be certified before being able to ship. Although it’s essential to bring in experts for certification, it’s actually a good idea to consult them during the package design phase as well. This can save time and money so you don’t have to rework packaging after testing. A good consulting company can also help with excepted quantity testing, which refers to very small quantities of dangerous materials that can sometimes be shipped with less regulation.

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What To Look For in a Consulting Company

When looking for a consulting company, make sure to find one with many years of experience in the industry. Check the company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau, and make sure it is ANAB accredited for testing packaging. It’s also helpful to find one trusted company that can help with a multitude of services, in addition to consulting, such as product testing and hazardous material training.

It’s essential to make sure your product is shipped safely. Without proper packaging, a product could be harmful to those workers within the distribution chain, and one safety violation could be catastrophic for your brand. This isn’t a time for short cuts; make sure to consult the experts who can safely distribute your product to global customers.