3 Steps Needed to Become a Radiologist


When you doctor refers you to a radiologist to have a CT scan or MRI completed on any part of your body, you may take a look at the heavy equipment and all its lights. It is an impressive task and a worthwhile career in an industry that requires more trained professionals year after year. The radiology in toms river nj staff, for example, had to complete several education programs and hand-on practice, and as you probably have noticed, are gainfully employed, too.

Here are three steps that are needed to become a radiologist.

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To become a radiologist, you must first earn your high school diploma. Some medical programs will consider candidates who completed their GED if other qualifying factors are high enough. If you are a holder of a GED, be sure it will be accepted by the medical program of your choice.

Then, you must complete a pre-med program at a 4-year higher education institution. This is when you get to test the medical field waters. During your undergraduate years, you are going to take science and medical courses. How well you weather that content determines whether or not you can succeed in this demanding field.

Medical Program

Once you complete your undergrad education program, you move into a medical program. At this point, you should be sure what aspect of medicine you want to tackle. If radiology is your passion, you can start narrowing your focus while still learning other relevant medical concepts.

After you complete a given number of years in a medical program, you start an internship. As an intern, you are going to be given hands-on learning experiences. In a sense, it is your last test before being given the opportunity to apply for a medical license.


As a licensed medical professional, you can now enter into a medical residency program. If you succeed here, you can apply for certification in radiology.

Becoming a radiologist is no small feat, but becoming a radiology in toms river nj professional can lead to gainful employment.