World Psoriasis Day, October 29: Avoid these 4 foods if you have this skin condition



A serious skin condition characterized by dry, patchy and itchy skin can be termed as psoriasis. If you are suffering from psoriasis, your skin cells build up and form scales and dry, itchy patches which are painful. It can rob your peace and it is a chronic and lifelong condition which cannot be cured. If you have psoriasis you will find it difficult to do your daily chores with ease and it can also lower your productivity. Hence, it can be very challenging. But, if you make some lifestyle alterations then you will surely be able to manage psoriasis and ease your pain a little.

There are some foods which can trigger it and can worsen your flare-ups (keep in mind that these triggers may vary from person-to-person). But, if you try and limit these foods then you will be able to help yourself and manage your pain. So, just cut down on these culprits and you will be sorted!

  1.  You should bid adieu to acidic triggers: Caffeine, sugar, white flour, alcohol, red meat and so on, can cause inflammation which can be painful for you. Say goodbye to these foods and you will feel better.
  2.  You should bid adieu to dairy products: Dairy products like eggs and milk have natural inflammatory acids, so just try to chuck them out from your diet or they can cause inflammation. This will increase your pain.
  3. You should bid adieu to junk food: Junk food is high in starch, trans fats and sugar, which can increase your inflammation. Though, these foods can tantalize your taste buds. They can also be harmful to your health as they can cause inflammation. So, junk food is a strict no-no.
  4. You should bid adieu to nightshade vegetables: Say goodbye to nightshade’ plants like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and many more, as they have alkaloids and lectins, which result in inflammation. They contain solanine, which is a chemical compound and can trigger pain, in case of some people.