Exercise tips, here’s why breath is the most important thing during workout

Breathing During Workout,Workout,Strength Training

Not your form, posture or workout gear; these are secondary when it comes to getting a good workout done. The most important thing to concentrate on is your breath. We breathe all the time, yet pay very little attention to the right techniques, especially during a workout.

Breath is an important aspect of workout as it supports all the other functions. Here are some tips to get your breathing right based on the kind of exercise you are attempting.

For cardio: 

When you’re doing a cardio activity, you must opt for long breaths. Avoid shallow, short breaths as that indicates that you are working too hard. It also means that you have not set a good breathing schedule during the workout. Go for stronger and deeper breaths and find your rhythm as you go along. For instance, if you’re running, then match your breath to your steps and create your own pattern. Similarly, whether you’re on the stepper, a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer, you can find a rhythm to match your actions.

For strength training:

Breath is important, especially when you’re attempting heavy lifts. When you’re doing strength training, breathe out during the difficult part of the lift. This will help you be more steady. For instance, you exhale when you are lifting a dumbbell to your shoulder during a bicep curl or a push up. You inhale when you bend your elbows to lower your body towards the floor. Exhaling at the right time will help you engage your core better and give you an effective workout.

For stretching:

This is the time when you want to help your body relax. So, opt for slow and steady breathing. Try to focus on your breathing from the diaphragm, this will make your stomach move in and out. Slow steady breathing is preferable when stretching and will help you relax.