5 easy-to-make cocktail recipes for monsoon season


There is no as such food season because to feast on delicious food and flavourful drinks, we don’t need a reason. But just to feel little less guilt about our eating and drinking habits, let’s say, with monsoon comes the occasion to invite your friends to enjoy the nice cocktail recipes.

So, invite your friends to enjoy a variety of cocktail that are as easy to make as snapping your fingers!

Lavender whisky sour

Ingredients: Glenfiddich 12-year-old 50 ml, Honey syrup 20 ml, Lemon juice 25 ml, Egg white 20 ml, Dried lavender flowers 2 bar spoons, Orange bitter 2 dash

Method: Add the ingredients in a mixing glass, hard shake and strain to whisky glass, ice cubes and garnish with lavender flowers.

Rob Roy

Ingredients: Glenfiddich 12-year-old 50 ml, Martini Rosso 25 ml, Angostura bitters 1-2 dash

Method: Add ingredients to a mixing glass and stir over ice, strain into a chilled glass, garnish and serve straight up!

Passion Whisky sour

Ingredients: Glenfiddich 12-year-old 50 ml, Passion fruit pure 20 ml, Lime juice 25 ml, Runey honey 10 ml, Egg white 20 ml

Method: Hard shake, strain in the tumbler with ice cubes. Pour into a short tumbler and garnish with 1/2 passion fruit and mint.

Green Giant

Ingredients: Hendricks Gin 60ml, Fresh Kafir Lime Leaves 2, Homemade Celery bitters 5 ml, Tonic water 45ml, Sparkling water 45ml

Method: In a tall glass measure the Hendricks gin and kafir lime leaves and muddle to release flavours. Fill the glass with ice and pour the rest of the ingredients and stir gently. Garnish with a celery stalk and serve.

Monkey Manhattan

Ingredients: Monkey Shoulder 50ml, Sweet vermouth 10ml, Reduces balsamic vinegar 10ml, Aromatic bitters 3 drops

Method: In an old-fashioned glass measure the above ingredients and stir vigorously to mix well. Fill the glass with ice and stir again. Take an orange wedge, squeeze and drop.