How yoga can help you become a happy person


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Happiness like a ray of sunlight that can warm up your cold depressed day. A little yoga every day can help you find that happiness. Yes, it’s true! Yoga is known to keep you active and flexible but did you know that a few simple yoga poses can help you find happiness from within. Just like a beautiful flower or a warm smile a little bit of yoga can warm up your heart. And science too is in total agreement over here; yogi Sarvesh Shashi, founder of Zorba Yoga tells us so. Here he tells us how yoga can help us be in our happy space. Here is what he has to say about yoga and happiness.

How can yoga help us attain happiness?

Our brain releases chemicals that make us happy. These chemicals are dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins, a group of neurotransmitters that are responsible for us feeling happy. An event, a person or a memory can cause these chemicals to flow around in our brain, helping us experience happiness. One way to ensure a healthy flow of these chemicals in our brain is by doing yoga.

In fact, a little bit of yoga can go a long way toward ensuring your happiness.  When you get into a daily yoga routine your blood supply will improve making you feel more energized. You will be in charge of your life and this will boost your self-confidence. Doing yoga daily will also improve your sleep pattern and help you relax; keeping your anxiety at bay. And in no time you will find your happy space.

Does the happiness effect of yoga last long?

Yoga can help you achieve happiness not only on the mat but also off the mat. The mind, body, soul harmony during the practice of yoga enables us to carry the experience and the feeling of peace even off the mat. More than just the practice, yoga is also about how you apply the principles of yoga in your daily life. There have been known cases of people reacting to a situation differently than they would have before they implemented the practice of yoga in their lifestyle.

Yoga is a lifestyle that teaches us to be more mindful, self-aware and empowers us to live a purposeful life. A life where we are in control of our thoughts, the good and the bad, and helping us decide what to focus on.  Mindfulness is achieved by practising meditation and being consciously present in a particular moment. Even while practising an asana, being completely aware and acknowledging every movement your body makes is a state of being mindful. When you are aware of the thoughts, feelings, sensations that your body and mind release, you’re completely mindful.

So, does yoga also help in changing a person’s attitude like can it turn a pessimist into an optimist?

Yoga is much more than just an hour’s practise on the mat, it is a lifestyle that you adapt. In simpler terms yoga humbles us, it makes us non-judgemental towards people and their actions, which is liberating in its own way. We tend to become more focused on our practice. Yoga is a space that helps you learn, grow, fall, and gives us a sense of freedom to explore our own body and the movements that we didn’t know it was capable of. Yoga in a way is a journey of self through the self, which means it helps us know ourselves better. This practice helps us feel more self-love and generates brightness and happiness from within.

Yoga helps us think clearer, making our decision process simpler. It helps our body and thoughts become flexible, reshaping our thoughts, attitude, and outlook towards life.

Which are the asanas that can help to induce happiness with yoga?

To start your journey towards happiness through yoga, begin your practice with asanas like the cat-cow pose, warrior pose, dancer pose, happy baby pose, etc. Include a few minutes of mindful meditation in your practice to ensure calmness of the mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your yoga gear and stretch. You deserve to be happy!