Weight loss tips, 10 items that have no place on your plate if you want to lose weight


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Staying fit and healthy is more to do with diet than exercise. It is important to know what goes into our body and how healthy it really is. Our supermarkets are full of so-called healthy foods, but the hidden sugar and fats can really mess with your weight loss goals.

For anyone trying to lose weight, some foods should be completely out of bounds. While it is common knowledge that one should stay away from desserts and fried snacks, weight loss experts advice to lay off a host of other unhealthy foods. So if your diet consists of any of these, you know what to do – throw it out.

Regular and diet soda

Just because the label reads low calorie doesn’t mean that it is low sugar. Many sodas and diet sodas are loaded with high-fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. These have the same effect on your body as refined sugar.

Fruit juice

It’s always a good idea to eat a whole fruit instead of opting for juice. Fruit juices are naturally high in sugar because it is made of fruit and has no fibre. So, if you are looking to lose weight eat your fruits instead of drinking them.

Bottled salad dressing

Isn’t salad dressing one of the easiest things to make, then why do we resort to bottled dressing available in the market. Salad dressing, even the low fat variety, has a fair amount of sugar and additives. It is best avoided. Instead prepared your healthier version with some apple cider vinegar, extra virigin olive oil, salt, pepper and minced garlic.

Refined grains

Is your pantry full of white pasta, white rice, white bread, you are bound to pack in the calories. It’s best to swap these for whole grain foods. So, if you are looking to lose weight, it is best to stick to buckwheat, brown rice and quinoa.


Though Greek yogurt is a good source of protein, it also has a lot of added sugar. If you do end up eating green yoghurt often, add some granola, chia seeds or nuts to make it count towards healthy calories.

Granola bars

Many granola bars have the same amount of calories as a candy bar. Want to find a healthier granola bar, stick to those with no more than 5gms of saturated fat and less than 10gms of sugar. It should have at least 20gm of carbs and 10-15gm of protein.

Sugary cereals

Choco-filled puffs, fruit loops are absolutely the worst choice of breakfast. If you are going to opt for cereal, best to stick to high-fibre variety. Overnight oats is another good breakfast option.

Deli meats

Processed meats are loaded with sodium and chemicals that are linked to obesity. When you eat meat, it should be of the purest form, just like your own muscles.


An occasional glass of wine or beer won’t harm. But overdoing the booze will definitely affect your weight loss goals. Consuming alcohol can also trick your body into eating more.

Packaged baked goods

Cakes, even if labelled healthy when made in a commercial set up will be unhealthy. If you wish to satisfy your sweet tooth, make a batch of healthy muffins by swapping unhealthy ingredients for healthy ones.