10 tips to stop eating junk food and lose weight fast


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You may follow a strict diet and exercise regularly. But if you end up cheating on some days and overeating, it may play havoc with all your weight loss plans. Similarly, that unhealthy snack eaten late at night won’t keep your weight in check. One of the best things to do is to eat foods that keep you satiated for a long time.

Here are 10 other hacks to stop you from eating junk food:

* It’s hard to predict when those hunger pangs strike. Be prepared by carrying along healthy snacks that won’t let you reach for that packet of crisps. We are talking about nuts, dried fruits, carrot sticks, khakra and sprouts.

* Hunger is often mistaken for thirst. So drinking lots of water is a good trick to prevent you from gorging on junk food. Experts recommend you drink 2 to 3 litres of water a day. You can also include liquids like nimbu paani, buttermilk, or aam panna along with plain water.

* If you completely deprive yourself of junk food, you will constantly keep on craving them. Instead, enjoy some of your favourite snacks once in a while, or make them using ingredients that are not so harmful for your body.

* Make sure to eat a heavy breakfast that is rich in fibre. It will keep you satiated for longer and prevent you from snacking indiscriminately. Eat complex carbohydrates like oats, bran, and millet. Proteins such as lentil, nuts, eggs and poultry will keep you energised for longer.

* Going on a diet alone can be lonely, and you may lose motivation after some time. Instead, rope in a colleague, friend or partner to diet along with you. You can monitor each other and keep yourselves on track.

* Make sure you plan your meals. Junk food cravings tend to creep in when you are least prepared for them. Instead, make sure that you are ready for the hunger pangs, and eat sufficiently healthy foods throughout the day. If you are feeling satiated, junk food won’t seem so appealing.

* Stress can play a huge role in determining what you eat. And stress eating can make you pile on the pounds. So, instead of letting anxiety dictate your diet, make sure that you are relaxed enough and don’t have to eat junk food to feel better.

* Change the habits that put you in the mood for junk food. So, for instance, if you tend to notice a slump around 3pm when you start craving junk food, go for a walk instead. It will keep you fit and may just clear your head and the moment of temptation will have passed.

* Know the foods that trigger your cravings. And make sure that you don’t keep them at home. If it’s not in your pantry and easily reachable, the chances are less that you will go out just to buy it.

* Chewing your food thoroughly not only helps in digestion, but also ensures that you don’t end up overeating. While you may tend to gulp down your food, this habit will make it tougher to not notice what you are eating. Consequently, you may eat less junk food, which is better than overeating and feeling guilty much later.