Yummy 3-ingredient recipes that will never let you sleep hungry!


1. 3-ingredient recipes

3-ingredient recipes

College is a time for new experiences, meeting new people, learning new languages and facing new challenges. But three things that remain unchanged about almost all students are- over stress due to pending assignments, hunger and being broke in the middle of the month!

While the readings and papers assigned by the professors are never ending and no one can really save you from it, we do have a solution to your other two problems. Made with just 3-ingredients, these recipes are heavy on the tummy and light on the pocket. Wear the apron and get going!

2. Toasted Cheese Sandwich

Snag some extra bread, butter and ketchup from the breakfast table and fix yourself a wholesome evening snack by following this simple recipe! College Hack – Wrap the sandwich in a foil and toast it with a press!

3. Banana Kiwifruit Smoothie

Are you among those who almost never has time for a wholesome breakfast? Go for this super easy smoothie which is so filling and healthy!

4. Baked Potato Chips

Pulling an all-nighter and need something to binge on? Well, these Potato Chips are crispy, crunchy and healthy as you don’t need to fry them in a pool of oil.

5. Almond Bites

This snack has been made with a chunk from heaven!

6. Oats and Strawberry Milkshake

Late for lecture? Take a chill-pill, this easy and quick recipe is the key to your wholesome and healthy breakfast.

7. Fried Eggs

Nothing beats a breakfast omelette. But the fear of washing a pile of utensils often stops us from having a good breakfast. Well, you can enjoy eggs without much cutting and chopping. Try this good old recipe and you are sorted!

8. Oreo Cake

If you are bored of snacking on biscuits, why not make a cake out of them? Try this super easy cake recipe!

9. Oats Puttu

Watching your weight and are in no mood to eat food loaded with sugar and unhealthy carbs, go for this traditional South Indian recipe with a twist.

10. Chocolate Cornflakes Ball

Dusk or dawn, with this recipe your dessert cravings are gone! Reward yourself with one of these chocolate balls after finishing a long and boring task.