Should You Apply Sunscreen Even In Monsoon? An Expert Advises


Should You Apply Sunscreen Even In Monsoon? An Expert Advises

Whether you’re a rigorous follower of the 10-step K-beauty routine or just stick to the basics, when it come to skincare, sunscreen is a non-negotiable step, regardless of the routine you follow. Not only does it prevent photoaging, tanning and skin damage, it also reduces the risk of skin cancer. It’s no wonder why it’s a recommended step by experts and skincare addicts all over the world.

But does that apply to monsoon as well? When spending a day running errands or on a beach vacation, a thick layer of sunscreen is dutifully applied over the skin. In monsoon, not so much because many believe the dark, grey skies won’t have the same damaging effect as a bright summery one. Once and for all, we decided to find out the truth with help from Dr. Prerna Taneja, dermatologist and owner of multi-speciality clinic, Clinic Eximus.

“In monsoon, there’s a lot of cloud cover which leads people to believe that sunscreen isn’t necessary because the sun isn’t very visible,” says Dr. Taneja and continues, “However, this isn’t true as sunrays are coming through, even though you may not see them.” Simply put, as long as there is daylight enough to distinguish the time of day from night, there is sunlight. And if there is sunlight, there are sunrays.

“Sunrays consist of UV rays and Infrared rays which can cause of host of skin care problems like premature aging and photo damage. Even if you do not see sunrays in the monsoon, they affect your skin. Thus, it’s extremely important to wear sunscreen even during the rainy season,” says Dr. Taneja.

Once and for all, we’re putting that skincare myth to bed but before we do, we asked the doctor if there were any precautions for using sunscreen in the monsoon. Dr. Taneja replied, “Make sure you apply sunscreen over all exposed areas of your body and most important, reapply sunscreen every 3 hours as it can get washed off during the season.”

Take note of these expert skin care tips and slather on sunscreen. Yes, even in monsoon.