5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, No Equipment Needed


5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, No Equipment Needed

On the road to fitness, many assume that the only way to get in shape is in the inside of a gym. But that isn’t possible and affordable for everyone. So does that mean that they don’t get fit? Not at all. You don’t always need high tech equipment and weights for a solid workout. In fact, these 5 exercises need nothing at all. All you need is an open space and a heavy dose of motivation to get started with these.

1. Crunches

By far the most popular exercise out there, crunches work on the abdominal muscles hence they are recommended when you’re in search of abs. To do a crunch, lie on your back with your feet flat and knees bent. Bend your hands with elbows out so that your thumbs are behind your ears. Curl your upper body so that your chest, neck and shoulders lift from the floor. Now repeat 5 – 6 times.

2. Mountain Climbers

This exercise works wonderfully as a full body workout and cardio training too. To do a mountain climber, get down on your hands and extend your legs out so that you are balancing on your toes. Then pull your right knee forward till your midsection, keep your abs tight, hold for a few seconds and put it back in place. Do the same with your left knee – curl leg, tighten abs, hold and release. Repeat 9 – 10 times.

3. Squats

The fitness secret to a round, toned behind is squats. It may seem simple but a few sets in and you’ll be winded. To try it, stand straight and keep your feet apart, around the same distance as your shoulders. Bend your knees and lower your body, as if you are sitting in a chair. Hold the position for a few seconds and go back on top. Repeat 10 – 12 times.

4. Push-Ups

If you long for toned triceps, give push-ups a go. It works wonders to tone the arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles. To try it, extend your legs while facing the ground. Keep your arms apart (around the distance of your shoulders), legs stretched and balanced on the toes. Use your arms to lower your body and slowly lift it, making sure to keep your abs tight and body in a straight line. Repeat 7 – 8 times.

5. Jumping Jack

most enjoyable of all these exercises is the jumping jack which will also get in some cardio. To do it, first keep your body in a normal standing position. Then jump in the same place and when you do so, extend your hands above your head and stretch your legs apart. Jump again and go back to the standing position. Repeat 10 – 12 times.

Which of these exercises will be you be trying out? Let us know in the comments.