11 Refreshing Indian Summer Coolers To Beat The Heat

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Is the heat getting to you? Can’t seem to keep calm? Well, it’s probably because you haven’t been keeping yourself hydrated enough. With the temperature rising, it’s all the more important to keep your body internally cool by drinking up fluids – water or other beverages – as much as you can. Doing so will not only keep you active but also provide your body the much needed dose of nutrients to fight the heat. While there are various kinds of summer coolers available in the market, there’s nothing better than making it at home using ingredients that you love and are seasonal too.

In India, we have various kinds of traditional drinks that people have been drinking since ages to beat the tropical heat. There’s of course a reason why they are still popular and that’s because they are tried and tested recipes to keeping the body cool while giving it an energy boost. You maybe going gaga over new age healthy fruit juices, but here’s a list of desi summer coolers that will no doubt bring back memories and remind you that some things can never change.


Chaas or buttermilk is an all-time favourite that people in Indian households often have it along with lunch. With a tempering of spices like red chillies, mustard seeds, cumin seeds and curry leaves, chaas work wonders to cool the body down.


Also known as the Indian lemonade, you can drizzle some honey in it and drink up.


The traditional drink from Punjab is a favourite across the country during summers. Top it with creamy malai and indulge!

Aam Panna

Summers can never go by without us sipping on tangy and spicy aam panna. Made with raw mango, a handful of spices go into it to balance the sour flavour.

Jal Jeera

Another spicy drink that’s an absolute favourite during summers. The tang is brought in by adding dry mango powder, tamarind or lemon.

Falsa Sherbet

Falsa or phalsa is a summer fruit that grows commonly in Asia. People make a refreshing juice out of it that helps incredibly in beating the heat.


An immensely popular drink in South India, particularly Madurai, it’s a milk-based drink to which nannari syrup is added.

Sattu Sherbet

Made of roasted gram flour, it’s been a favourite summer cooler in north and east India.

Bael Sherbet

The summer fruit has remarkable properties in keeping the body cool and providing it with essential nutrients.

Kokum Sherbet

Kokum is a summer fruit found along the Konkan and Malabar coastlines, and goes into the making of a refreshing sherbet that has a pretty red hue.

Best the heat the desi way by making these summer coolers at home.