Most effective detox drink for weight loss


1. DIY detox drink

DIY detox drink

Whether you’re trying hard to lose weight or you simply want to look and feel healthy, the best way to start is by drinking lots of water. Water helps your body get rid of harmful toxins. Six to eight glasses of water everyday will keep you hydrated and keep the essential organs in best of health. Nowadays, detoxing has become popular in the world of fitness and there are many different recipes you can make. Here is the secret recipe of a detox drink that you will surely thank us for!

2. Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts

One glass of this healthy detox drink contains:
48 calories,0.5 grams protein,0.4 grams fat,11 grams carbohydrates,1.2 grams fiber and 6 grams sugar

3. What are the major benefits of detox drinks?

What are the major benefits of detox drinks?

– Detox drinks help to reduce inflammation.

– They also help in increasing energy throughout the day.

– They give benefit in boosting your metabolism and thus aiding weight loss.

– It helps to cleanse the liver which is a major source of toxins inside the body.

– They help in reducing inflammation and cleansing the body of the toxins, therefore result in minimizing the signs of aging.

4. Ingredients required

Ingredients required

1 glass of warm or hot water, 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon ground ginger, ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 dash cayenne pepper and 1 teaspoon honey

5. Step 1

Step 1

To start with, warm a glass of water.

6. Step 2

Step 2
Now all you have to do is add all the ingredients one-by-one. Start by adding 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to the warm water.

7. Step 3

Step 3

Then stir in 1 tsp of ground ginger, ¼ tsp of cinnamon and add a dash of cayenne pepper.

8. Step 4

Step 4

Now, add 2 tbsp of lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey in the mixture, which will give a little sweetness to the drink.

9. Step 5

Step 5

Stir it all together and allow to infuse for a minimum of 30 minutes. Detox drink is ready to serve.