10 smart food habits to keep the body cool this summer


1. Keep yourself cool with smart food habits!

Keep yourself cool with smart food habits!

Summer is the time when we must take special care of our diet. Due to excessive heat outside, we need light food so that the undue heat is not generated by the body due to an overworked digestive system. It is important not just to choose what we are eating, but also pay attention to the cooking method and our diet plan. Here is what all you must do and what you must not in order to keep the body cool in summer.

2. Light breakfast

Light breakfast

According to Tanya Kapoor of Wellness by Tanya, “Having heavy breakfast is a good practice for winters, but when it comes to the summer season, it is advisable to eat light breakfast that can include fresh fruits and a lot of liquids.” She suggests avoiding citrus juices and opting for tender coconut or melon juice. Cucumber juice or salad can also be a great option.

3. Heavy lunch

Heavy lunch

In the summer season, the lunch should be heavier but must not include high starch foods with rice or wheat. This might sound surprising, but experts suggest keeping yogurt consumption low and opting for buttermilk in this season.

4. Avoid chilled drinks

Avoid chilled drinks

We know this is no less than a pain, but one should strictly avoid chilled water or aerated beverages as they interfere with digestion.

5. Control sugar

Control sugar

It is necessary to keep a close watch on sugar consumption (especially in form of ice cream, sharbat and ice candies).

6. Avoid hot spices

Avoid hot spices

Spices such as mustard, ginger, black pepper and chilli generate a lot of heat in the body. So, it is suggested to avoid them at all costs. Also, try to go slow on vegetables like tomato, peppers, and garlic.

7. Use herbs

Use herbs

Cook with cooling herbs such as fennel, dill, mint, and coriander. You can add flavours with spices like cumin, cinnamon, green cardamom in your food.

8. Use cooling vegetables

Use cooling vegetables

Vegetables such as white pumpkin, broccoli, snake gourds, drumstick and cucumber are considered soothing for the digestive system in hot, humid weather conditions.

9. Use these cooking methods

Use these cooking methods

Best cooking methods for the season are boiling, steaming and stewing. It is best to avoid fried foods as they give undue stress to the digestive tract.

10. Prefer small meals

Prefer small meals

In the summer season, eat fruits like ice apples, melons, sugarcane, mango, cashew apples, and jackfruit in form of small meals throughout the day.

11. Go slow on meats and eggs

Go slow on meats and eggs

Meats and eggs are warm for the body and take a lot of time to digest that leads to generation of more heat in the body. Hence it is advised to keep the meal light and preferably vegetarian during extreme summers.