10 reasons you should drink sugarcane juice this summer


1. Health benefits of sugarcane juice

Health benefits of sugarcane juice

Think of summer season and the drinks that come to mind are wood apple, mango, and sugarcane. While the former two are known for their benefits, but the latter one is often neglected. But the fact is, the humble sugarcane juice is loaded with health benefits. All you need to take care of is the hygiene level and quantity of juice you consume and you are set to fight the heat efficiently. Read to know more.

2. Stress management

Stress management
Amino acids found in sugarcane juice helps balance the stress hormone levels and also induces sleep. Regular consumption of fresh juice also provides relief from insomnia.

3. Effective in weight loss

Effective in weight loss
Sugarcane juice is filled with dietary fiber that binds with fat and prevents overeating. On one hand, the alkaline nature helps easy fat-burning, while on the other hand, the high natural sugar content stimulates calorie-burning. Sounds unbelievable? But it’s true!

4. Improves digestion

Improves digestion
The presence of dietary fibre helps stimulate peristaltic motion, control inflammation and relieve symptoms of constipation and bloating.

5. Lowers cholesterol

Lowers cholesterol
According to various health studies, drinking raw sugarcane juice helps lower overall cholesterol levels that further prevent cardiovascular diseases.

6. Increases bone density

Increases bone density
Sugarcane juice is loaded with nutrients like calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. According to health experts, regular consumption of fresh juice helps to strengthen the bones and also prevents the development of osteoporosis.

7. Fight cavities

Fight cavities
It has minerals like calcium and phosphorus that protect the enamel of teeth, fight against decay, and strengthen the teeth.

8. Effective during pregnancy

Effective during pregnancy
All thanks to low glycemic index, consuming sugarcane juice during pregnancy helps boost metabolism, digestion and also provides instant energy throughout the day.

9. Enhances energy

Enhances energy
Enriched with natural sugar, this juice is an ultimate choice to rehydrate the body and stave off fatigue. It also helps regulate the release of glucose in the body for a healthy “sugar high.”

10. Supports skin care

Supports skin care
It contains alpha hydroxy acids, which is linked to antioxidant effects on the skin. Regular consumption of fresh juice can clear up skin inflammation and allergies caused due to hot climatic conditions.

11. Controls blood pressure

Controls blood pressure
Loaded with potassium, fresh sugarcane juice helps reduce tension in blood vessels and arteries, and thus controls blood pressure, erosclerosis and chances of heart attacks.