4 Summer Home Remedies To Keep Your Eyes Cool


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Feeling the heat? We know that you are keeping yourself hydrated and even been taking care of your skin to keep it healthy, but what about your eyes? Have you been looking after your eyes to keep them protected from the harmful effects of UV rays? Just splashing cold water to wash away dirt and keep them cool is not enough in this hot weather. Your eyes need extra pampering too, as well as a break from sun time and screen time.

It’s only when we go to sleep that our eyes finally get time to rejuvenate and feel refreshed. Throughout the day they are constantly at work while we are stuck to our laptops and cell phones or busy running errands. While a healthy diet plays a crucial role in protecting our eyes, helping us get the much needed dose of vitamin A, some external measures are also required.

Here are some easy ways you can keep your eyes protected this summer using easily available ingredients:

1. Tea Bags

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Are you a tea drinker? That’s perfect because you can make use of your used tea bags to take care of your eyes. After brewing your tea, keep the tea bag aside to let it cool before placing it in the freezer. Collect more tea bags and freeze. When you get back home from work everyday, take out two tea bags and place them on your eyes to feel refreshed.

2. Cucumber

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This is probably the most common home remedy to keep the eyes cool and get rid of tiredness. Cucumber helps to soothe your eyes for inflammation as well as fight dark circles. Slice chilled cucumber into thin slices and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes. You can also grate cucumber and place it under your eyes to treat dark circles.

3. Tomato

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Tomato is a great source of antioxidants and works wonders for the skin and eyes. Take a small tomato and slice it into two parts. Place the pieces on your eyes and let it rest for 15 minutes. You can also make a paste and apply it under your eyes to get rid of dark circles and bring back glow.

4. Rose water and mint ice cubes

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Both, rose water and mint, are known for their calming effect. What’s more? They can also help in fighting sore eyes. Take a jug and fill it with one glass of water. Add one tablespoon rose water and two tablespoons of chopped mint leaves. Stir well and pour it into an ice cube tray and allow it to freeze. Use to refresh your eyes.

Make use of these simple ingredients to take care of your eyes this summer.