6 Interesting Facts you Should Definitely Know about the Indian Food

Food!! Nothing can change your mood instantly more than this word. It is said that hungry mind is an angry mind. Not getting the food of your choice also results in annoyance. Well, India is a diverse country and every corner of it serves something special to us. Whether be “Delhi k Chole Bhature” or “Mumbai ka Vada Pav”, “Banaras ki Rasmalai” or “Rajasthan ki Daal Bati”, everything serves a unique taste.

Most of us don’t prefer to step outside to have our favorite dish, therefore a majority of manual customers have turned to order online. You can also have the amazing taste of different corners from Zomato store, India’s largest online food ordering website.

But, have you ever thought of the history of our Indian food. You will be surprised to know that most of the ingredients that we use in our food are not the origin of our country. Let’s know more of the fun facts about our food..

Land of Spices

Ever thought of having a paneer korma without any spices in it? I think this situation is not even imaginable. Well, jokes apart!! You would be glad to know that India is a land of spices and a great producer of all kinds of spices we use in our lives. You would be glad to know that India is probably the world’s largest country to produce all kind of rich spices. It is transported in many of the countries from India.

The Amazing Saffron

The name Saffron comes from the Arabic word “Zafaran”, which holds probably its priority and weight in gold. From thousand of years, it is being used in medicines, perfumes, as a flavoring agent and much more. The best quality of this item has its deep red color with aroma of honey with a mesmerizing taste, keeping it dusky and earthy.

Ok, now let’s come to the fact from which you might not be aware of. A large number of Greek, Roman and Arab traders have contributed a lot to bring this cuisine to India. So, if you are still thinking that Saffron is an invention of India, then think twice.

The Refined Sugar

What would be your reaction while eating your favorite “Gajar ka Halwa” without sugar? Well, it would not be something to tolerate. You would be surprised to know that the refined sugar is the invention of Portuguese to India. Earlier fruit and honey which are also natural sweeteners were used in place of sugar to sweeten the dish.

Glucose is the most widely distributed sugar in nature, but we use its purified form for daily use.

Tomato and Chillies

Most of us are still confused today about the tomato being fruit or vegetable and the debate goes on. According to botaniques, the tomato is grown from the seed of a flowering plant, therefore botanically it is a fruit.

But, again these staple ingredients like potato, tomato, and chilies don’t have the Indian origin. These were introduced in India from the all the way to Portuguese. Tomatoes are usually grown in glasshouses during cooler climates.

Types of Flavors

What according to you is the type of flavors we have in our food? According to a survey, the answer of most of the Indians is sweet and salty. But, according to the Indian food theory, it is much more than that.

The areas of flavors are sweet, bitter, salty, sour, astringent and spicy. Moreover, your meal should contain all the six flavors in order to complete a healthy diet. Surely, next time while having your food you will search for all the specified flavors.

Chutneys, The Indian Invention

Anything can taste better with the awesome combination of chutney in your food. Indian food is incomplete without this cuisine for sure. But, you won’t believe that the love for Chutney is not only limited to our country, it is famous worldwide. Chutneys are exported to Britishers in large amount every year from our country and are loved with same charm.

The Famous Dum Biryani

Who doesn’t love biryani? Whether be 10 years child or 60 years old man, everyone loves to have the awesome taste of biryani. Because of rich and aromatic taste, it is famous globally.

Being an Indian, you will get pride to know that dum biryani is the origin of none other than our country. It is directly related to the ancient history as once the king of Awadh, due to the shortage of food in his kingdom ordered a meal to be cooked in the form of handi full of rice with a lot of spices and veggies in it surrounded by a dough. And from that, it is termed as the modern day dum biryani.

Undoubtedly, the food history of India has amazed us every time and surely new facts are about to continue.