The Best New Music for Yoga: October Edition

Piano compositions predominate in this month’s collection of music for yoga—perhaps because slow and spacious piano has a strong affect on creating the introspection that autumn invokes. Whatever the reason, we certainly welcome the shift from summer’s upbeat, fun and funky tunes to more calming and contemplative compositions.

Footfalls Echo by Visionary Hours

These simple yet mesmerizing compositions of strings, guitar, flute, french horn, and clarinet float on top of shimmering and undulating ambient drones. These mellow tracks would be best to place at the start or end of a yoga playlist.

Lost Lands by Richard Raiding

This mysterious two track album’s 40 minute long piano compositions are best suited to be played for a gentle yoga practice, bodywork or general relaxation. Both songs start and end with minimal and repetitive notes but have a rich and complex center.

Europe, She Loves by Library Tapes

This original score by Swedish pianist David Wenngren is haunting yet beautiful. These eleven piano, synth, and cello compositions are gentle, spacious, soft, and introspective.

Cantando EP by Dom La Nena

This collection of four cover songs from Brazilian singer and cellist Dom La Nena have a happy and sweet lullaby sound due to their slow tempos, bright strings, and minimal arrangements. Each song is beautifully sung in a different language to further mesmerize and entrance the listener.

Solo Acoustic by Alan Gogoll

Mr. Gogoll does not disappoint with his latest release of solo acoustic guitar compositions. These eighteen songs exude a deep and complete sense of joy and sweetness with his unique fingerpicking and guitar thumping style.

Owl Music by nicoandmartin

Composed specifically as instrumental lullaby music for children and their parents, this lovely album also works well for a bedtime yoga practice. A nostalgic and soulful French gypsy jazz vibe emanates from the use of the double bass, piano, harp, concertina, guitar, shruti, and sansula.

No Going Back by Dan Mehta

While these beautiful piano, synth, and string compositions were scored for a short documentary they easily translate for a soundtrack to a mellow yoga practice.

Cavalcade by All Sum Null

These solo piano compositions from the land down under are simple and sweet and would work best at the end of a yoga playlist.

Just One Drop by Radharani

This sweet and soaring kirtan album is the result of musician Radharani spending four years in India studying mantra and devotional chanting. Blending Eastern and Western instrumentation, Radharani has created a beautiful and well produced album of original and traditional melodies. She earns bonus points for including an unexpected cover of the 80s classic “Higher Love.”