6 Interesting Facts you Should Definitely Know about the Indian Food

Food!! Nothing can change your mood instantly more than this word. It is said that hungry mind is an angry mind. Not getting the food of your choice also results in annoyance. Well, India is a diverse country and every corner of it serves something special to us. Whether be “Delhi k Chole Bhature” or “Mumbai ka Vada Pav”, “Banaras ki Rasmalai” or “Rajasthan ki Daal Bati”, everything serves a unique taste.

Most of us don’t prefer to step outside to have our favorite dish, therefore a majority of manual customers have turned to order online. You can also have the amazing taste of different corners from Zomato store, India’s largest online food ordering website.

But, have you ever thought of the history of our Indian food. You will be surprised to know that most of the ingredients that we use in our food are not the origin of our country. Let’s know more of the fun facts about our food..

Land of Spices

Ever thought of having a paneer korma without any spices in it? I think this situation is not even imaginable. Well, jokes apart!! You would be glad to know that India is a land of spices and a great producer of all kinds of spices we use in our lives. You would be glad to know that India is probably the world’s largest country to produce all kind of rich spices. It is transported in many of the countries from India.

The Amazing Saffron

The name Saffron comes from the Arabic word “Zafaran”, which holds probably its priority and weight in gold. From thousand of years, it is being used in medicines, perfumes, as a flavoring agent and much more. The best quality of this item has its deep red color with aroma of honey with a mesmerizing taste, keeping it dusky and earthy.

Ok, now let’s come to the fact from which you might not be aware of. A large number of Greek, Roman and Arab traders have contributed a lot to bring this cuisine to India. So, if you are still thinking that Saffron is an invention of India, then think twice.

The Refined Sugar

What would be your reaction while eating your favorite “Gajar ka Halwa” without sugar? Well, it would not be something to tolerate. You would be surprised to know that the refined sugar is the invention of Portuguese to India. Earlier fruit and honey which are also natural sweeteners were used in place of sugar to sweeten the dish.

Glucose is the most widely distributed sugar in nature, but we use its purified form for daily use.

Tomato and Chillies

Most of us are still confused today about the tomato being fruit or vegetable and the debate goes on. According to botaniques, the tomato is grown from the seed of a flowering plant, therefore botanically it is a fruit.

But, again these staple ingredients like potato, tomato, and chilies don’t have the Indian origin. These were introduced in India from the all the way to Portuguese. Tomatoes are usually grown in glasshouses during cooler climates.

Types of Flavors

What according to you is the type of flavors we have in our food? According to a survey, the answer of most of the Indians is sweet and salty. But, according to the Indian food theory, it is much more than that.

The areas of flavors are sweet, bitter, salty, sour, astringent and spicy. Moreover, your meal should contain all the six flavors in order to complete a healthy diet. Surely, next time while having your food you will search for all the specified flavors.

Chutneys, The Indian Invention

Anything can taste better with the awesome combination of chutney in your food. Indian food is incomplete without this cuisine for sure. But, you won’t believe that the love for Chutney is not only limited to our country, it is famous worldwide. Chutneys are exported to Britishers in large amount every year from our country and are loved with same charm.

The Famous Dum Biryani

Who doesn’t love biryani? Whether be 10 years child or 60 years old man, everyone loves to have the awesome taste of biryani. Because of rich and aromatic taste, it is famous globally.

Being an Indian, you will get pride to know that dum biryani is the origin of none other than our country. It is directly related to the ancient history as once the king of Awadh, due to the shortage of food in his kingdom ordered a meal to be cooked in the form of handi full of rice with a lot of spices and veggies in it surrounded by a dough. And from that, it is termed as the modern day dum biryani.

Undoubtedly, the food history of India has amazed us every time and surely new facts are about to continue.

All Necessary Medical Tests Which Are Part Of Main Medical Tests

Life style of every person has changed totally in all aspects. Due to this changing life style many diseases has been found in each person. But, a person thinks that he is doing his work well and he is fit. He is not suffering from any disease. He does not have any need for preventive health checkup. But, there are many diseases which are developing inside his body and he does not have any idea about this problem. So, it is good to go for regular health checkup either in six months or yearly. Full body checkup will let you know about your health status and health issues related to heart, headache, diabetes, cancer and other complicated problems in your body. Your health checkup report will consist all information and doctor will tell you that what changes you have to make in your life. It is not only test but a path to live longer and happy life.

Image result for All Necessary Medical Tests Which Are Part Of Main Medical Tests

Preventive health checkupcomprises all major medical tests, so it is good to know about the master health checkup cost. There are chances that cost of master health check up will be more as compared to other medical tests. Except the master check up, you may also look for other medical checkup, which are also include many tests.

Other health checkups are:

Basic health screening

  • Random Blood Sugar
  • Serum Creatinine
  • Complete Blood Count with ESR
  • Serum Cholesterol
  • Urine Routine
  • ECG
  • Blood Grouping and RH Factor
  • Chest X-Ray (PA)
  • Consultation with Physician

Pre conception package

  • T3, T4, TSH
  • Blood Sugar – Fasting
  • Blood Grouping and Rh Factor
  • HIV 1& 2 (Rapid)
  • HbsAg
  • Urine Routine
  • Rubella IgG
  • Pap Smear
  • Ultrasound Scan (Pelvis)
  • Ante-Natal Counseling
  • Additional Consultation with Gynecologist post conception
  • Complete Blood Count with ESR
  • Consultation with Gynecologist

Basic heart attack

  • Serum Creatinine
  • Lipid Profile (Cholesterol, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Triglycerides, VLDL Cholesterol)
  • ECG
  • Chest X-Ray (PA)
  • Blood Sugar – Fasting & PP
  • Complete Blood Count with ESR
  • Consultation with Cardiologist
  • Consultation with Dietician

Executive health check

  • Blood Sugar – Fasting & PP
  • Blood Group and Rh Factor
  • Complete Blood Count with ESR
  • Kidney Profile (Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, Ultra Sound(Abdomen & Pelvis), Chest X-Ray, ECG, Urine Routine)
  • Liver Function Tests (Total Bilirubin, Total Protein, A/G Ratio, GGT/SGOT/SGPT, Alkaline Phosphatase)
  • Consultation with Physician
  • Consultation with Dietician

All master health checkup packagesand other tests details are given on webpage. You can check it on webpage or also may visit the hospitals so that your all queries will also solved on time. Even medical experts also said that it is good to undergo from an annual health exam for all people. You can go to the medical camps if you do not have sufficient amount of money for complete master health checkup.

Injured? 6 Tips for a Faster Recovery

If you exercise regularly or are just getting back into a workout routine, there’s a chance that you may become injured at some point during your fitness pursuit. Injuries could prevent you from working out for a while, which might quickly derail your exercise plan. Here are some tips to help you recover faster if you get injured.

Image result for Injured? 6 Tips for a Faster Recovery

Use Ice

Ice often works well in reducing the inflammation and pain that are associated with many injuries. It’s best to start applying ice to any injured areas of your body shortly after you become hurt. Ice for 10 minutes at a time at least three times daily for the first 72 hours afr an injury for the best results.

Eat the Right Foods

Certain foods have been shown to aid in the recovery process and may help speed up your healing. Foods that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates can facilitate muscle tissue repair. Omega-3 fats that are sound in some foods can alleviate inflammation. Some of the best kinds of food to eat for injury recovery include lean beef, salmon and cantaloupe.

Try Physical Therapy

Physical therapy involves the use of manual therapy and exercise to treat injuries. This type of therapy also helps with increasing strength, coordination and endurance, which may prevent future injuries. You can start a New York sports physical therapy program or visit a local physical therapist if you don’t live in the area to receive treatment.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is an important component to healing, and you should aim for roughly seven to eight hours of sleep per night so that muscles and bones can repair themselves more effectively. If an injury is making it more difficult for you to sleep, talk to your doctor to find out if there are any methods that you can try to rest easier. You may need to take sleep or pain medications for a while if your injury is preventing you from sleeping.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Trouble

Some pain, swelling and bruising should be expected with certain injuries, but it’s important to be watchful of any signs that may indicate a more serious problem. If you start to notice increased pain, swelling or joint stiffness, seek medical care as soon as possible. You can better monitor everything by using a journal to keep daily records of your symptoms and recovery process.

Return to Exercise Slowly

It’s advisable for you to ease back into exercise as you recover to reduce your chance of reinjuring yourself. Always check with your doctor to make sure that you’re cleared to start working out again. Light exercises for short durations should be performed in the beginning stages. You can progress gradually to your regular workout routine as you continue to heal.

Putting forth the time and energy to recover properly can help your body heal the right way. With a good recovery, you’ll have a better chance of eventually returning to your normal level of physical activity with fewer complications along the way.

Obesity May Be A Big Problem

The saying “health is wealth” may be a simple yet very powerful statement. It remains true in the scenario that no matter how much possession or the monetary amount we have, all these wouldn’t matter if we’re not able to live a healthy lifestyle. Several factors will be sacrificed and we won’t enjoy them as much as we want to. However, despite this being a common knowledge, a lot of individuals still opt to choose the opposing option. Some would choose unhealthier options as they are deemed more convenient and requires lesser energy and effort. This, in turn, leads to consequences such as serious health risks and problems. One of which is the rising rate of obesity issues which comes off as no surprise to the United States. As of October 3, 2017, the U.S. population is approximately 325 million and one-third (36.5%) of this figure contributes to adults who have obesity. This has been a prevalent problem that country has been facing for decades now.

Image result for Obesity May Be A Big Problem

There were several factors attributed as causes of the growing rate of obesity in the United States. One of the reasons is the sedentary behavior of the individual living in the country. More than one in three adults and one in six children are obese. They lack activity engagements such as sports inside and outside of the school. In fact, the most popular pastimes of children are watching television, playing video games, and surfing the internet. The said activities contribute little to no physical engagement at all. They are used to having a lifestyle that requires sitting and lying down. Not only does this probe much concern on their weight increase, but also develops a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. As some parents may believe that having their kids stay at home is a safer alternative, this action still evokes a much bigger issue. Another main cause the personal preference of choosing to eat fast food selections. In the year 2000, Americans spent $11 billion on fast food consumption. As some may see this as a more convenient and cheaper alternative, having the habit of eating unhealthy food will have its drawbacks in the long run. Fast food companies entice the younger age bracket to buy their meals with enticing toys and promotional items. Lastly, there has been a direct correlation between obesity and the mode of transportation in the country. Americans who live in the main cities rely heavily on the use of their cars rather than commuting or walking. Only 12% of the population vigorous means to get around.

In relation to the causes of obesity in the United States, more and more problems branch out from this. This crisis costs the country more than $150 billion in healthcare costs yearly. One in three adults who are obese incurs sickness such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. In California alone, Medicaid programs on obesity alone cost $1.3 billion annually. This has also given rise to a national security issue. One of the leading reasons for medical disqualification is being overweight. Most of the youth are not fit to serve military services. At a very young age, obesity hinders a child’s development to reach its full potential. This affects not only the educational performance but also increases the risk of one getting bullied.

Americans have voted obesity as the leading health concern that needs to be prioritized. A number of critics would suggest choosing a better lifestyle coupled with healthier food options and engaging in physical activities. Besides that, one of the public figures that citizens are eyeing for is the take of President Donald Trump regarding this matter. It was reported in Trump Today News that President Trump strongly believes that this is a hereditary thing. Moreover, he added that a lot of schools aren’t providing proper food options due to lack of monetary budget. He also shared how sports has become an integral part of his childhood days which has helped in alleviating obesity. Some netizens were expecting a better response with stronger conviction. Hopefully, this wouldn’t provoke more citizens of the country to be disappointed. This is because more and more individuals are eager to see the decline in the obesity rates during his administration.

7 The most delicious Homemade Italian Ice Recipe

Italy is one of the countries with the best culinary. This country really is the source of thousands of great recipes, some of which have spread to various parts of the world with various versions. If people talk about Italian cuisine then most of them will remember pizza and pasta. But this beautiful country is not only famous for pizza and pasta as Italian ice creams are the source of many ice cream recipes around the world. Italian-made ice creams are famous for their delicacy and before eating them, anyone can not claim to be an ice cream maniac.

Most Italian extreme recipes come from Sicily, Southern Italy. This is the hometown of the Italian mafia as well as the hometown of Italian ice cream! Known as “Granita”, this ice cream brings Mediterranean flavors and various Italian fruits. This article will discuss the 7 most delicious Granita recipes. You can make them in your kitchen and serve them for your loved ones.
Coffee Granita
The top recipe on our list is for all coffee lovers. Espresso, Vanilla, and Amaretto Beat Cream are the three elements that should not be left behind. The three most important elements are added in tablespoon units and of course according to your taste.
Orange Granita Combined with White Coffee Cream
A blend of orange granite and whipped cream of white coffee produces delicious flavors suitable for all conditions; summer days to warm afternoons. Cream shakes should be served just before the dough is stored in the commercial refrigerator.
Lemon Granita
It is the classic version of Italian ice cream. The classic one is quite simple and it tends to be favored by various circles. Mix water and sugar as usual and add lemon juice to the dough that has cooled. Freeze and serve.
Strawberry Granita
White wine, vanilla cream, and of course fresh Strawberry fruits are the secret of making this delicious ice cream! To make this recipe you can use several types of commercial ice makers.
Lime-Vodka Granita
This Vodka based Granita is the most adorable version among all the Italian Granita series. You must be addicted to bringing it to your summer party. Combine sugar, water, and heat the dough. Lift the dough and stir with lime peel and after being completely cold, add the pomegranate juice and vodka to your taste. After that, freeze and serve!
Ginger Watermelon Italian Ice
Mix water, sugar, and ginger into a medium panic and after all mixed you need to add watermelon juice. After that, you will get delicious Italian ice cream that can accompany your summer vacation! Do not forget freezing in an airtight container 3 hours before serving.
Fresh Cherry Italian Ice
3 tablespoons of pitted cherries and ice cubes, 3 tablespoons of honey, and 1 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice are what you need to create this refreshing ice. To keep it vegan, you can replace honey with pure maple. Use a smoothie setting on your blender and you will achieve the best results.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle can extend your life in many ways

We eat to live. However, there are many other variables that fit into this box as well. Practicing a healthy lifestyle can extend your life in many ways. Eating, sleeping, exercising, and practicing healthy social interactions all form pieces to this puzzle. Balance is the name of the game. Fortunately, this means that all of the necessary components must be present in order to lead a healthy balanced life.

The Exercise Connection
Believe it or not, exercise can improve our mood and keep us happy. There are more benefits to moving than just weight loss and improved heart health. Exercise releases endorphins which are chemicals in the brain that boost joy, peace, and happiness. This is a real plus considering the fact that exercise also promotes a healthy heart as well as healthy weight loss. There are no cons to exercise. Cardiovascular health prevents issues with your heart. Heart attacks and strokes are examples of issues with the heart. Unfortunately, heart issues are not just problems that older people face. Even younger people can have issues with their heart’s as well. It’s a good idea to keep your body moving for a wide variety of reasons. It will keep you happy. It will keep your body fit and lean, and it will keep your heart healthy. It also has the ability to increase your muscle strength and boost endurance by delivering vital nutrition and oxygen to your tissues to keep your heart pumping in a healthy manner. There are no downsides to exercise. If you are in therapy for depression, exercise can help with the 6 steps of depression managment.

The Food Connection
Many have said, “you are what you eat.” In many ways this is true. A diet void of essential vitamins and minerals is a diet that will not do much for your body. A diet void of essential nutrients is a diet reflective of the foods that are being used to power it. When you are consuming nutrient poor foods you have low energy and tire quickly. However, foods that are filled with healthy and essential nutrients power your body by boosting your energy levels. Whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and fruits and veggies are all examples of foods that provide a healthy boost of energy. Another powerful point to consider is the negative impact that the wrong kinds of foods can have on your body. Consuming a poor diet can actually create disease in the body. In fact, type 2 diabetes is a perfect example of a chronic disorder born out of poor dietary and lifestyle choices. Conversely, if poor foods can make you unhealthy, logically, healthy foods can and will keep you healthy. Any unhealthy substance you introduce to your body will have a negative impact on your health. This is why it’s a good idea to avoid the dangers-synthetic-drugs and junk food will have on your body by not consuming them. Neither are good for a healthy body.

The Sleep Connection
Most of us think that we can burn the candle at both ends. However, not getting enough rest can affect everything from your ability to think clearly to your overall health. In fact, adequate sleep helps curb inflammation in the body, lower stress, support healthy weight management and sharpen your ability to focus. Furthermore, getting enough sleep is beneficial in the prevention of many disorders.

The Social Connection
The social aspect of happiness and good health is often overlooked. However, science has proven that positive social interactions play a role in good health as well. Join a club, hang out with friends, or volunteer. Do what you can to stay connected and social. This is good for the mind, which is also good for your health. The social exchange stimulates brain function and is helpful for everyone. It can be especially helpful for the elderly because it helps maintain healthy cognitive functions.

Maintaining a lifestyle that includes a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and exercise, and social interactions help support your overall health. These practices have the ability to positively stimulate both physical and mental good health. Many of these practices even have the ability to prevent chronic disorders. Do yourself a favor and take a step toward better health.

How owning a dog could improve your health

Nearly everybody will smile when they’re petting a dog. If the dog happens to plant a big kiss right on your hands or face, you will probably laugh and giggle, even while pushing the dog away. Did you know that dogs can bring more than a smile to your face, though? Science shows that they actually improve your health.

Owning dog can help boost your health in more ways than one.One Autistic Teen

For years, one autistic teen named Cadence wanted a service dog. Knowing that this dog would improve the teen’s self-esteem and anxiety, Cadence’s mother applied for one over and over again. Every time, her mother kept telling Cadence the sad response—no.

While Cadence has high function as an autistic girl, she still struggles with emotions sometimes. Cadence needed the unconditional love of a dog to balance those moments and bring her that smile. After four years of lowered spirits and let-downs, Cadence finally got a service dog, and the teen couldn’t have been more excited.

The Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

For Cadence, a service dog will help improve her emotional health, and ultimately the physical side too. Still, Cadence isn’t the only one who will benefit from owning a dog. Here are just a few ways that dogs can boost your health and bring you happiness:

Dogs Strengthen Your Heart

According to the American Heart Association, dogs can decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease. There could be several reasons for the lowered risk, including the time spent exercising the dog and the distraction from work or family stress.

Although the AHA has not been able to link dog ownership and heart disease conclusively, studies do show that dog owners have better heart health.

Dogs Lower Stress

Remember how dogs make you laugh and smile as you pet them? Ultimately, those lighthearted laughs will lower your stress levels.

A study from the University of Missouri-Columbia revealed that petting a dog causes your body to release those “happy hormones,” including serotonin and oxytocin. At the same time, a dog will also lower the stress hormone cortisol.

In one Missouri study, scientists tested the hormone levels of dog owners and non-owners alike. They found that people received the most benefit (through increased serotonin levels) when petting their own dogs. Also, simply stroking the dog for 15-30 minutes lowered the participants’ blood pressure by 10 percent.

Dogs Boost Immunity

If you have children, owning a dog can work in your favor, fending off the onset of allergies. Published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, one study showed that infants exposed to a pet before the six-month mark have a decreased risk of allergies. They also have a decreased risk for hay fever, eczema, and upper respiratory infections too.

In addition, dogs may help balance out and boost your gut health. Because dogs have many different types of beneficial bacteria, owning one will expose you to them.

As you take your dog outside during the day, it will also pick up organisms from outdoors. Simply put, you will definitely benefit from exposure to your dog’s healthy bacteria.

Treat Dogs Humanely.

In light of how much dogs can benefit their human companions, you would think that people would treat them with kindness. Unfortunately, thousands of dogs are mistreated, neglected, and killed across the world every year.

While you might think that animal cruelty means nothing for humans, you might be surprised. Many criminals who have committed violent and grotesque acts against humans actually started with animals.

Even if animal abusers did not turn into human offenders, you should still find the abuse appalling. When a person adopts a dog into his home, he is communicating that he will take responsibility for the dog’s care.

The dog will give him love, but what will he receive in return? For abusive owners, the dog will find himself neglected, beaten, and even killed inhumanely in exchange. If you know a dog in an abusive situation, you should not tolerate it. Find help immediately and protect man’s loving best friend.

If you choose to open up your home to a dog, take responsibility for it. Get all the benefits of a healthy immune system, lowered blood pressure, and reduced stress. Then, give it the love and attention it deserves, and you’ll find an unconditional friendship that lasts a lifetime.

Dr. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox News Channel’s senior managing health editor. He also serves as chairman of the department of obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Click here for more information on Dr. Manny’s work with Hackensack University Medical Center. Visit AskDrManny.com for more.


Protect yourself against Zika and Lyme disease this summer

As the weather warms up, you and your family will probably be spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. After all, the summer brings more opportunities for you to camp, hike, swim, and bike. Before going outside, though, be sure to protect yourself from both the Zika virus and Lyme disease this summer.

An aedes aegypti mosquito is pictured on a leaf in San Jose, Costa Rica.The Zika Virus

Although there have not been ongoing outbreaks of Zika recently, you should still take precautions against it. This virus is spread easily through infected mosquitoes, and some people don’t realize its effects for months. During the summer months, the mosquitoes can breed and multiply quickly, increasing the chances of spreading disease.

Recent News

According to recent research, the CDC has also linked the Zika virus to an increase in birth defects, especially microcephaly. In fact, birth defects were 20 times more likely in pregnant women who had contracted the virus. If you’re pregnant and living in affected areas, you’ll need to take extra precautions.

Where Is It?

Since Zika spreads through mosquitoes, areas that have high humidity and warmer temperatures are the most at-risk. The US has seen the virus primarily in Florida and Texas. Especially if you’re pregnant, you should avoid traveling to these areas, specifically to Miami and Brownsville.

Treatment and Prevention

According to the World Health Organization, those infected with Zika will need plenty of rest and fluids. Since there are no treatments or vaccines for the virus, patients simply have to treat the symptoms and relieve pain.

On the other hand, you can prevent from getting the virus. Wear light clothing that covers much of your skin and use insect repellant during the summer months. You should also keep doors closed or use window screens to keep mosquitoes out of your home.

Zika can also be transmitted sexually. In high-risk areas, you should take care to use contraceptives and ask for medical counsel when choosing whether to get pregnant.

Lyme Disease

During summer months, you and your family have a greater risk of getting Lyme disease because it is transmitted through small ticks. Typically, a person who has contracted the disease will have fever, fatigue, and a rash, among other flu-like symptoms.

Recent News

Last year, the CDC reported a new species of bacteria that causes Lyme disease. Up until then, researchers only recognized one bacteria species that carried the disease. While the new species causes most of the same symptoms as the old one, it also adds nausea and vomiting to the list. At the same time, it produces a rash that spreads out more rather than resembling a bullseye.

In 2017, professionals expect cases of Lyme disease to rise, partially because of an increase in disease-carrying mice. This projection calls for heightened awareness about the problem in the US.

Where Is It?

Most cases of Lyme disease come from states in the Northeast and Midwest. These states include Maine, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, although this list is not comprehensive. Be sure to check for the risk in your area and follow prevention guidelines set forth by the CDC.

Treatment and Prevention

To prevent from getting Lyme disease, you should take care to keep ticks off you and your pets. First, apply insect repellant with DEET before going outside. Then, avoid areas where ticks are likely to live, such as in tall grass and woods. When you do come inside for the day, look for ticks on your body and clothing and remove any that you find immediately. The CDC also recommends throwing your clothes into the dryer for 10 minutes to kill any hidden ticks.

If you suspect that you have Lyme disease, you should see your doctor right away. Since the disease will progress, you could suffer from damage to the nervous system or the heart if not treated quickly. Caught early, you’ll receive antibiotics to combat the effects of the disease and should have few repercussions.

The key to protecting you and your family from Zika and Lyme disease is prevention. Especially in high-risk areas, you should take proper precautions, such as using insect repellant and avoiding tall grass or standing water. Then, you can enjoy the outdoor sunshine without much concern for these diseases.

Dr. Manny Alvarez serves as Fox News Channel’s senior managing health editor. He also serves as chairman of the department of obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Click here for more information on Dr. Manny’s work with Hackensack University Medical Center. Visit AskDrManny.com for more.


7 surprising ways you wreck your body when you don’t get off your butt

One of the worst things you can do to your body is doing nothing at all: Sitting parked on your butt can be just as dangerous as being obese, according to a study from the University of Cambridge.

Globally, 1 in 4 adults aren’t moving enough, according to the World Health Organization. And even if you think you’re an active person, you might be spending just enough time in front of your TV when you’re not at the gym to be putting your health at risk.

What’s more, the effects of staying seated go far beyond what you may think. Sure, your sedentary behavior can hurt your heart and make you fat, but it might also be responsible for some more surprising, effects too.

These 7 sinister side effects of living a sedentary life will have you itching to jump out of your seat. Read on to learn more—and to discover the easiest thing you can do right now to reverse the damage.


Feeling down? Blame your chair: After surveying more than 3,300 government employees, Australian researchers found that men who sat for more than 6 hours a day at work were 90 percent more likely to feel moderate psychological distress—like feeling nervous, restless, hopeless, or even tired—than men who sat for less than 3 hours a day.

What’s more, other types of sedentary behavior—like watching TV or playing electronic games—can increase your risk for anxiety, according to a recent meta-analysis of nine studies published in BMC Public Health. That might be because if you’re spending your time on those pastimes, you’re probably not fitting in enough physical activity, the researchers say. (Here are 7 things that destroy your mood.)

And that’s important, since exercise has mood-boosting benefits. When you work up a sweat, your body produces feel-good hormones called endorphins, according to the Mayo Clinic. What’s more, recent research indicates that cardio can boost your mood just as effectively as prescribed antidepressants.

Too busy to walk during your lunch break? Check out this quick workout you can do right at your desk. Your body and mind will thank you.


A German meta-analysis of 43 different studies including more than 4 million people found that sedentary behavior significantly increases your risk for several types of cancer.

People who logged the most sitting time experienced a 24 percent higher risk of developing colon cancer, a 32 percent higher risk of endometrial cancer, and a 21 percent higher risk of lung cancer.

Plus, the risks about doubled for people who usually spent their butt time parked in front of the TV, possibly because you tend to nosh on sweetened beverages and junk foods when you’re glued to the screen, the researchers say.

And that paves the way for obesity. Large studies have consistently shown that higher levels of body fat can spike your cancer risk. That’s because chronic local inflammation can attack your body’s cells, leading to cancer-causing DNA damage over time, according to the National Cancer Institute. Plus, a surplus of fat cells eventually produce hormones that lead to cell proliferation, a process that causes your cells to grow and divide rapidly. (Here are 10 things you can do to prevent cancer.)


Your brain health suffers when you lounge for too long: Older adults who are sedentary may be just as likely to develop dementia as people who are genetically predisposed to the condition, new research published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found.

In a study of more than 1,600 adults 65 and older, the researchers found that people with a gene strongly associated with dementia were nearly twice as likely to develop it as people without the gene. But when they looked at people who didn’t exercise regularly, they found that their odds of developing dementia were similar.

The fix is simple: The study participants who kept active—and thus warded off the additional dementia risk—walked for about three times a week as their main form of exercise. So add a brisk walk to your routine, and try these 7 more simple things you can do to keep your brain young.


Even if you’re at a healthy weight, your blood sugar levels can rise if you’re parked in a chair for too long, according to a recent University of Florida study. In fact, sedentary adults were more likely to have blood sugar levels at 5.7 percent or above in an A1C test, which is high enough to be considered prediabetes by the American Diabetes Association, the researchers note.

While these people maintained a healthy weight, they had a higher ration of fat to muscle, with an average of 25 percent body fat or more for men.

This “skinny fat” condition leads to various metabolic issues, like higher blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, the researchers say.

If you’re in the prediabetes range, losing 5 to 7 percent of your body weight (about 10 to 14 pounds for a 200-pound guy) and making time for 150 minutes of exercise a week can delay the onset of full-fledged diabetes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Your inactive behavior can lead to a gut, and that might be setting yourself up for penis problems down the road. Men with a bigger belly—or a waist of 42 inches or more—are more than twice as likely to have erectile dysfunction (ED) than those with waists below 32 inches, one Harvard study found.

Your swimmers can take a hit, too. Men who binged on TV for more than 5 hours a day had 29 percent lower sperm concentration than men who didn’t watch any TV, recent Danish research found.

Take note: The work you put in at the gym follows you to the bedroom. After surveying 300 men, researchers from the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found that highly active men—or men that completed 3.5 hours of moderate exercise or more a week—had higher sexual function scores than men who reported lower levels of physical activity.


Ever feel like you sleep more soundly after logging a great workout? That’s because exercising at least 150 minutes a week can improve the quality of your shuteye, according to a study published in Mental Health and Physical Activity. When people met those physical activity guidelines, their risk for daytime sleepiness dropped compared to people who didn’t hit the guidelines, the researchers found.

Those who exercise vigorously are nearly twice as likely to experience a good night’s sleep every night compared to people who avoid the gym, a National Sleep Foundation poll found.

In fact, more than two thirds of vigorous exercisers reported almost never experiencing symptoms associated with insomnia. On the flip side, 50 percent of people who don’t exercise reported waking up in the middle of the night.

Just keep in mind that when you get moving can impact your sleep, too: Here is the best time to work out for a better night’s sleep.


The effects of slouching in front of your computer can last beyond your workday. Sitting for as little as 4 hours straight can increase pressure on the disks in your lower back, a Penn State study found. This compression can lead to disk degeneration, a common culprit behind back pain.

So get up and move, the researchers suggest. When the participants in the study changed their position every 15 minutes, they didn’t see any adverse effects in their disks.

While you might assume rest is the answer, research shows that movement is great pain medicine. Just 25 minutes of aerobic exercise—like running or swimming—can reduce your back pain perception by 28 percent, according to a study in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development.


You don’t need to block out serious amounts of time to get your butt out of the chair. If you don’t have the type of schedule that allows you to fit in 2.5 hours of moderate exercise throughout the week—as federal guidelines recommend—working out on the weekends is still better than parking it on the couch, as we recently reported.

When English researchers analyzed lifestyle data from 64,000 adults, they found that people who crammed their workouts into just one or two days per week were still 40 percent less likely to die from heart disease, 18 percent less likely to die from cancer, and 30 percent less likely to die of any cause over 18 years than people who didn’t exercise at all.

“Every sustained bout of aerobic exercise improves blood pressure, cholesterol concentrations, and glucose metabolism for a day or two,” says lead study author Gary O’Donovan, Ph.D.

Still, if you can manage to spread your workouts throughout the week—even if you’re just taking your dog for a brisk walk—the benefits will be even better. But fitting in a day or two of exercise is definitely better than doing nothing at all.

Yes, using Facebook may be making you more lonely

The research, published Monday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, drew a link between more time spent on social media and frequency of use to an increased risk of social isolation in young adults.

“We are inherently social creatures, but modern life tends to compartmentalize us instead of bringing us together,” lead study author Dr. Brian A. Primack, Ph.D., director of the Center for Research on Media Technology and Health at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine said in a news release. “While it may seem that social media presents opportunities to fill that social void, I think this study suggests that it may not be the solution people were hoping for.”

Beginning in 2014, Primack and his team surveyed more than 1,700 Americans ages 19 to 32 on their social media use, and measured their perceived social isolation using the Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System, a standard assessment tool.


After controlling for social and demographic variables, Primack’s team found people who used social media for more than two hours per day saw twice the odds of perceived social isolation compared to peers who spent less than half an hour on social media each day. Those who checked their social media sites 58 times or more a week had nearly triple the odds of perceived social isolation compared to those participants who visited the sites fewer than nine times a week.

Study authors queried participants on their use of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn — the most popular social media sites at the time.


Although researchers aren’t sure whether participants were lonely prior to using social media, or if social media use actually triggered those negative feelings, they theorized that social media may contribute to perceived social isolation in various ways, including by inspiring jealousy and envy, and discouraging real-life interaction with loved ones.

“I don’t doubt that some people using certain platforms in specific ways may find comfort and social connectedness via social media relationships,” Primack said in the release. “However, the results of this study simply remind us that, on the whole, use of social media tends to be associated with increased social isolation and not decreased social isolation.”

The findings support previous research that links excess social media use with poorer mental health