How issues in the asia pacific region could affect US-Chinese business relations

Foreign relations has always been paramount in order to establish business and trade across different countries. Business relations between countries will always be beneficial however the question is whether both parties will be able to negotiate a deal that would be fruitful for both ends. Issues within a country and between countries could also be a factor when trying to establish business relations.

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One of the regions where there is a potential to establish business relations is the Asia Pacific region. A lot of countries in the region such asĀ  Japan, Vietnam, and Singapore are open to such relations as seen through the trans-pacific partnership or also known as TPP. Some of the countries that have shown interest in establishing business relations with the region are China and the US. Both countries have tried solidifying their ground in the region and one of the ways relations could be established is through support especially for the developing countries.

In the recent years, Asia-Pacific region has faced a lot of challenges which include economic and environmental. Climate change has been one of the challenges that the region has faced. Both the US and China has come to the aid of the countries that there are some issues within the region that may cause problems for the business relations between both the US and China.

At present, business relations between the US and China are beneficial for both ends, however, there are still ways it could be improved but it all depends on the situation both countries are in. The issues within the Asia-Pacific region could affect the business relations between the two countries. The problem here is that the US and China might choose different sides when it comes to issues within the region which could make things more complicated for its business relations.

One of the problems within the Asia Pacific region is regarding the position China is taking with its territorial dispute among countries within the region. China has recently taken an offensive towards its claims with the islands and bodies of water in South China sea which other countries have claims over as well. This could cause problems if ever the US decides to support its allies in the region such as the Philippines. It really depends up to what extent China is willing to go for its territorial claims within the region and to what extent the US is willing to go to support its allies affected by the dispute.

Another issue that China is involved in the region is a hotel group that is based in Japan. The APA group which manage and develop hotels has decided to include and sell publications in their hotel about the events in world War II that took place in Nanking. These publications are not taken lightly by China because it contradicts its version of the events that took place. This may be different compared to the territorial dispute, however, support by the US could affect its business relations from either side.

In the end, there may still be a lot of potential when it comes to the business relations between the US and China. There are still a lot of changes that could be made but it could be affected by how both countries react to certain regions they are involved in or have established business relations with. Taking into account the current state of the US with its change of administration, it is yet to be seen how the country will make its move towards its business relations with China and how it will deal with the issues in the Asia Pacific region.