Cyware: The Significance of Cyber Awareness

Cyber attacks are not new to us – every now and then, leading newspapers report major cyber attacks happening around the world. While a majority of cyber attacks emanate from outside the organizations, human errors made due to lack of security awareness within the organizations also play an important role in security breaches. Cyber awareness is extremely important for general internet users and employees who are easily tricked to click on a spam or open unverified email attachments. A strong cyber situational awareness established though well-informed and committed users, create an environment where cyber hygiene reinforces positive security practices.

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Organizations need new ways to protect themselves from the ever changing cyber threat landscape. In order to achieve this, they need a robust platform that helps to understand the emerging threats, the latest cyber technologies combatting with a faceless enemy, and the steps to be taken to protect the network infrastructure against potential cyber threats. Cyware – the comprehensive cyber situational awareness platform helps organizations as well as general internet users to understand aforesaid strategies and combat against faceless enemies.

The main objective of Cyware is to present the latest happenings of cyber world in a summarized format retaining the vital points. This news feed helps you acquire the knowledge and to understand emerging threats.The breaches and incidents happening all over the world let you know where key information assets, employee credentials and sensitive documents are being exposed online.This awareness is essential to identify where and how you are most vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber Situational Awareness itself provides significant insights,which you can immediately act upon to address vulnerabilities or behaviors that violate your privacy.

The highest level of cyber situational awareness involves making users educated and informed about the cyber world. Also, in Cyware, cyber security news is disseminated under various categories such as Emerging Threats, Breaches and Incidents, and Laws, Policies and Regulations categories of Cy warehelps user know about every vertical of the cyber world. In short, complete cyber situational awareness can prevent and mitigate harmful events and help to take suitable steps to stay safe.

The Cyware mobile application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. With its user-friendly features, readers can easily go through 60 – 70 news cards published daily on Cyware. The smart stories published on this platform covers the entire spectrum of cyber security news and makes the readers aware of the latest happenings in the simplest form.

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