Facial Plastic Surgery – Facial Reconstruction After Skin Cancer


Skin cancer affects regions of our body that are highly exposed to sunrays like our face. Mohs surgery is done to remove a cancerous lesion either on the face or any other area of the body. Under such a set of circumstances, a person will be particularly conscious about his appearance and it is extremely normal to be so. Hence, we have a technique known as the facial plastic surgery. It is reconstructive, thereby allowing the surgeons to alter as well as add to the face. This way, the appearance of a face is restored even after skin cancer removal.

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Choosing a Surgeon

So how should you go about this facial plastic surgery? What comes first and foremost is choosing an experienced Surgeon. You may have visited a plastic surgery centre, however that would not do. Simple cosmetic procedures offered by such centres include lifts and tucks. Nevertheless, reconstructive surgery is quite complicated and dependent on the needs of a particular patient and the availability of extra facial tissue or skin flaps or grafts from different parts of the patient’s body.

It is imperative to remember that before you choose a Surgeon, ask for a couple of before and after photographs of patients. Such cases can be similar to yours and they can help you gauge an outcome. Besides, you will also come to know about the Surgeon’s level of experience. Go for a Surgeon only when he goes over all photos along with you and clears your doubts, if any.

If a minor repair is what you are seeking, any local anaesthesia will be good enough in order to serve your purpose. It may hardly take two hours and you will be discharged on the very same day though you will be advised to have someone near you for the first 24 hours, in case complications arise. Prescription drugs for pain are common; all the same, one recovers so fast that one is back to one’s daily routine within a few days.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Avoid the Sun so as to prevent cancer. Your doctor and your surgeon will be able to guide you best when it comes to checking possibly cancerous areas from developing in the near future. There are some useful things to keep in mind in this regard. Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or above every time you go out during the day. Sporting a hat or a visor for shielding your face is a smart choice too. If you are very much keen on sunbathing or tanning, do not forget to limit the amount of time.

After you have washed your face in the morning, do apply a moisturizer that protects you from the Sun. There are many such products in the market as of now. By doing this, you will be doing yourself a huge favour since sunrays are notorious for bringing about the likes of sun spots and wrinkles and skin sagging. So steer clear of those rays!

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