Five yoga strategies to stress less

Stress takes a toll mentally and physically. Yoga's mind-body approach can reduce its impact.<br /><br />To take a peaceful pause, sit comfortably with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Establish a count as follows: five-count inhale, seven-count exhale and three-count pause. Take a minimum of 10 breaths in this manner, but ideally, try to build up to four sets of 10 breaths.After dealing with months of stress-inducing election drama, many of us are feeling understandably tense and anxious — myself included. That’s why I’m sharing five of my favorite yoga-based ways to tame tension and regain peace of mind.

Because stress takes its toll both mentally and physically, yoga’s mind-body approach can be very effective at reducing its impact. As a widely recognized stress-relieving practice, yoga has been shown to mitigate the body’s physiological response to stressors. Its primary effectiveness is based on helping practitioners switch from their sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system to their parasympathetic “rest and restore” nervous system.
The following five strategies offer ways to leverage yoga’s ability to calm the nervous system as well release physical tension and emotional unease. If you’re looking to tame tension and find peace, give them a try.

Practice a peaceful pause.

When you notice yourself reacting to a stressor, like a negative news story or an overly opinionated friend or neighbor, it’s helpful to have a means of regaining your sense of peace and composure. Practicing yoga breathing and mindfulness meditation have both been proven to dramatically reduce mental and physical stress; mindfulness meditation was even recently shown to relieve chronic back pain.

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