Bodybuilder faces backlash after mocking elderly woman at the gym

An Australian bodybuilder has been criticized for uploading a video of himself laughing at an elderly woman working out at the gym.

 Conor Tisdell shared the Instagram clip of the woman using a pull-down machine at a gym in Brisbane, saying that he has “never laughed so hard.”

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Deb, who chose to keep her surname anonymous, said she had been at the other end of Tisdell’s teasing when she realized he was laughing at her in the corner when she was doing squats.


Weight loss surgery tied to lasting digestive issues

A common weight loss surgery is associated with long-term gastrointestinal problems and food intolerance, a recent study suggests.

 Researchers examined data on 249 extremely obese patients who had what’s known as laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, which reduces the stomach to a small pouch about the size of an egg.

Two years after surgery, these patients had lost about 31 percent of their total body weight on average. But compared to the control group of 295 obese people who didn’t have operations, the gastric bypass patients were far more likely to experience indigestion and an inability to tolerate multiple foods.

“It was already known from previous studies that the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass might aggravate gastrointestinal symptoms after surgery,” said lead study author Dr. Thomas Boerlage of MC Slotervaart in Amsterdam.

“However, most of these studies concern the first year after surgery,” Boerlage added by email.

Survey it right – Types of Building Survey

Whenever you need to get help of a building surveyor, it is common that they tend to “customize” their surveys in order to meet the specific demands you make as a client. Despite the customization, all surveys fall into 4 major categories. Hence, you can easily make the right choice out of these four which we bring to you today. The cost of each survey depends upon the professional rate of the surveyor commissioned and the specifics requested by you, the client. The type of survey performed is dependent on the kind of result that you desire to obtain. Thus, you will get the most value of the money you pay if you are completely aware of what survey to begin with. Each type of property survey is detailed out here –

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1) Full Structural Survey

As the name suggests, this survey encompasses every detail about the property — even the most trivial ones. The findings are reflected in a comprehensive report that is to be presented to the owner or buyer of the property. The surveyor also writes down the limitations and scopes of the survey conducted to make the buyer aware of every detail of the property.

2) Main Elements Survey

This survey is as thorough as a full structural survey when it comes to determining the exact physical condition of specific parts of the property. However, the difference lies in the fact that with this type of survey, the building surveyor is only bound to check the major parts of the structure. Examples of such parts are the roof, floor, windows, walls and ceilings. Other parts like doors, decorations and fittings will not be inspected. Although this survey can also give the owner of the property a substantive insight about the overall physical condition of his/her property, this is still not recommendable for properties which are very old as the buyer is prone to missing out on certain important details and risks. Property owners need to consult with their building surveyor if this type of survey fits their property.

3) Homebuyer’s Survey/Report

While the first two surveys give the surveyor full freedom to write anything in his/her report, this type of a survey is completely restricted by the standards imposed by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors or RICS. A proper exhaustive outline, provided by the association, has to be adhered to and filled up. Such restrictions inhibit the surveyors to maximize their inspection thus paving way for inaccurate reports. This type of survey often comes with a cheap price tag because it is barely customizable and requires very basic surveying skills.

4) Specific Survey/Report

In a few cases the owner needs a report on a specific aspect of the property. This can be triggered by a bad experience or a bad reputation about the property, or any bias in the buyer’s mind. Specific Surveys or Reports are designed to meet such needs. With this type of survey, the surveyor has to consult with the owner or buyer with regards to the specific things that he/she wants to find out.

Apart from conducting accurate surveys, the building surveyor is also bound to write down his/her comments about each part of the property being inspected and give suggestions as to how its condition can be maintained or improved. Hence it is necessary that you choose the right surveyor, not only in skill but also in responsibility and trust.

Healthy Foods You Should Be Careful Eating

Trying to eat healthy is a great idea. However, some healthy foods can actually pose a risk. There are contamination issues you have to be aware of. In addition, some foods that are good for you can be dangerous if they aren’t stored or cooked properly. In order to make eating healthy safe, it helps to stay aware of the dangers that can lurk in your favorite healthy foods.

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Leafy Greens
Salad is the ultimate health food. Leafy greens, which form the base of any good salad, are loaded with nutrients. However, they also are great at harboring pathogens. Listeria, for example, is common with this food. Outbreaks are usually made very public, but you can help reduce your chances of getting sick by simply washing all leafy greens before using. Make sure to get into all the crevices to wash out anything that may be lurking there.
Meat and Fish
Improper storage, defrosting and cooking of meat and fish products can cause major illnesses. While you probably aren’t able to kill or catch your own food, you do need to be careful about where you buy it. Make sure the store practices safe handling procedures. When you get it home, store it properly. Don’t leave meat out to thaw. Instead, follow advised processes for thawing. In addition, make sure you always follow the guidelines for preparing and cooking meat and fish. Lastly, make sure you discard any old meat or fish or anything that smells or looks bad.
While avocados are usually safe when it comes to illness, they do pose another risk. If you are concerned about eating healthy and watching your calories, avocados should be eaten with care. They are a great source of good fats, but they are also loaded with calories. So, eat them in moderation.
How to Stay Informed
The news has been a bit loaded down with food recalls that pose health risks, such as those mentioned by USC. You have to just be aware of what you are eating. Pay attention to use-by dates. Choose produce carefully. Keep meats at the proper temperature whether you are storing, thawing or cooking. Following all suggestions for how to store, prepare or cook foods.
Through a well-developed health IT ecosystem, like what is shown by the University of Cincinatti Online, it is much easier for the public to be notified and kept in the loop about dangerous foods and healthy eating tips. You should always pay attention to advice from healthcare providers on healthy eating. They can offer great advice and ensure you know what foods to eat and what foods to avoid or to eat in moderation.
Eating healthy is a great idea and something everyone should be doing. However, it is a smart idea to keep informed about the foods you are eating so you can avoid eating something that could get you sick. In addition, make sure that understand the nutritional details of foods you eat, so you aren’t sabotaging your efforts. By being smarter about healthy foods, you can reach your eating goals while also avoiding getting sick.

Five yoga strategies to stress less

Stress takes a toll mentally and physically. Yoga's mind-body approach can reduce its impact.<br /><br />To take a peaceful pause, sit comfortably with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing. Establish a count as follows: five-count inhale, seven-count exhale and three-count pause. Take a minimum of 10 breaths in this manner, but ideally, try to build up to four sets of 10 breaths.After dealing with months of stress-inducing election drama, many of us are feeling understandably tense and anxious — myself included. That’s why I’m sharing five of my favorite yoga-based ways to tame tension and regain peace of mind.

Because stress takes its toll both mentally and physically, yoga’s mind-body approach can be very effective at reducing its impact. As a widely recognized stress-relieving practice, yoga has been shown to mitigate the body’s physiological response to stressors. Its primary effectiveness is based on helping practitioners switch from their sympathetic “fight or flight” nervous system to their parasympathetic “rest and restore” nervous system.
The following five strategies offer ways to leverage yoga’s ability to calm the nervous system as well release physical tension and emotional unease. If you’re looking to tame tension and find peace, give them a try.

Practice a peaceful pause.

When you notice yourself reacting to a stressor, like a negative news story or an overly opinionated friend or neighbor, it’s helpful to have a means of regaining your sense of peace and composure. Practicing yoga breathing and mindfulness meditation have both been proven to dramatically reduce mental and physical stress; mindfulness meditation was even recently shown to relieve chronic back pain.

Too much heat in the kitchen may increase your risk of heart disease

Image result for Too much heat in the kitchen may increase your risk of heart diseaseIf you’re a fan of a well-seared steak or a crisp fried samosa, you may need to pace yourself, as a new study has found that you could be increasing your risk of heart disease.

Like the crunch of something double-fried? That’s even worse.
“When food is heated up to a high temperature, new compounds are created, and some of them are known to be harmful to health,” said Raj Bhopal, professor of public health at the University of Edinburgh, who led the research. “This is not to do with frying. … it’s more to do with the cooking process, with the temperature.”
When foods are cooked at high temperatures, they release chemicals known as neo-formed contaminants, or NFCs. This group includes trans-fatty acids — or trans fats — that are known to increase the risk of heart disease. “When the temperature is high, (trans fats) are produced at a very high rate,” Bhopal said.