Pune To Witness Frequent Pre-Monsoon Rain, Comfortable Weather

Pune rainsThe weather of Pune remained continuously dry throughout the month of April with isolated light rains occurring only on April 5, 6 and 18. Temperatures also remained above normal for most of the time.

The monthly average rainfall in Pune for the month of April is quite less (6.6 mm), which is also the hottest month for the city. The rainfall figure increases to 40.6 mm in May as pre-Monsoon showers increase by this time of the year. The average maximum also comes down to 37.2 degree Celsius in May from 38.1 degree Celsius in the month of April.

The ‘Queen of Deccan’, Pune, is famous for its pleasant and soothing climate throughout the year. However, this year Pune witnessed extreme weather conditions in April when Pune touched 40°C quite frequently.


Till now in May, weather in Pune has remained dry. However, we expect that temperatures will remain near normal or slightly above till May 10. Thereafter, isolated light rainfall activities are expected from May 11 to 13. As per weather models, the latter half of May will witness more frequent pre-Monsoon activities.

We hope that the monthly average rainfall will be reached by the end of the month and temperatures will also come down marginally. Weather in Pune will remain pleasant or slightly comfortable.

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