Is this the worst burger ever? Customer discovers takeaway is missing one very vital ingredient

Burgerless Burger, Harvey's

A customer looking forward to sinking his teeth into a nice juicy burger discovered he had a mouthful of salad.

That’s when he realised staff at the Harvey’s drive-thru in Bangor, North Wales, had forgotten to put the burgers into his double burger meal.

Speaking to the Daily Post , his partner said: “My partner and I decided to stop at the drive-thru in Bangor on our way home to Holyhead.

“We didn’t go in because our baby was in the car asleep so we thought it would be easier to get our food to take away.

“My partner ordered a double burger but when he opened the wrapper at home, there were no burgers, just a salad bun.

“We live about half an hour away so there was no way we were going to drive back.

“I called up to complain and was offered a free meal but I don’t think we will be going back.”

Burgerless Burger, Harvey's

The beefless blunder came to light when the lady alerted the restaurant on Facebook and posted a picture of her bare burger.

Harvey’s owner Craig Holmes said: “It was an error and wouldn’t happen again.

“Our burgers are cooked fresh to order, we don’t have them cooked ready to go.

“What will have happened is someone would have picked up the box and put in the bag not realising the burger wasn’t in it.

“It’s not something we make a habit of.”

“When the customer contacted us to complain, we offered her fresh replacement burgers,” he added.

“One of our drivers even offered to deliver them to her in Holyhead.”

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