Give your skin a tomato spa this summer with a DIY scrub!

Looks like summer season is here to stay and so are all sorts of skin problems related to it.

The scorching sun grows hotter yet and there’s nothing we can do about it, except tell you how you can prevent and/or reduce these skin problems

Acne, tan, freckles, blackheads, oily skin, redness, itching, dark spots, wrinkles, etc., are all part of the summer game and this is why it’s time to make red juicy Tomatoes your best friends!

Yes, you heard that right! A tomato skin spa is one of the most beneficial treatments you’ll probably come across and you’ll simply need a few more ingredients to go along with tomatoes to give you that soft and supple skin.

The video you are about to watch, will tell you how to use tomato as a facial scrub along with its benefits like pore cleansing, reduction or removal of dark spots and wrinkles, etc.

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