Costa accused of selling large and regular lattes ‘containing the same amount of coffee’


Costa has denied making customers pay an extra 30p for large caffe lattes despite being served the same quantity as a regular latte.

A Facebook video has garnered over 11 million views showing a large latte seemingly fitting perfectly into a regular cup.

The video’s creator, builder Paul Hopkinson wrote alongside: “There you go country of England, the regular and the large are indeed exactly the same size.

“Whoops Costa. Oh dear.”

In response to his accusation, Costa stated there is a four fluid ounce difference between the two sizes, adding that neither cups are filled to the brim for safety reasons.

Costa wrote on Facebook: “Hi Paul, thanks for taking the time to send in your video! Despite what it looks like I can assure you you’re not being duped in any way.

“The regular cup is a 12oz and the large is a 16oz so there is 4 fluid oz in size difference. Plus you also get the extra shot of coffee, hence the price difference!”

The company added: “Also for safety reasons there is no way we would be able to fill the cup that high as it would end up burning someone.”

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