Britain’s favourite sandwich has been revealed – but is it your butty of choice?

Bacon sandwich

The bacon butty has been crowned Britain’s favourite sandwich .

It came first ahead of prawn mayo, BLT, egg and cress, and beef and horseradish in a poll by food magazine Olive.

But how do you make sure your bacon bap is the best ?

A bacon sandwich

Olive editor Laura Rowe – author of Taste: The Infographic Book of Food (£20, Aurum Press) – shares her top tips for the perfect sarnie this Sunday:

  1. Don’t scrimp on the bacon – this is the best bit! Look out for ‘dry-cure’ for the best flavour and texture. Back bacon comes from the loin of the pig and so will be leaner than streaky, which comes from the belly, so choose whichever cut you prefer. Always smoked.
  2. Choosing the right bread is crucial, too, for flavour and for holding the sarnie together. I like soft white bread, or a floury bap.
  3. Grill or barbecue the bacon until the fat caramelises and just starts to crisp.
  4. If you’re buttering your bread, make sure it is room temperature, soft and salted, otherwise swap in for homemade mayo, or my favourite, sriracha sauce.
Bacon sandwich
  • National Sandwich Week is May 8-14.
Bacon sandwich

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